Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its own trip

A most peculiar trip from the Netherlands to Spain.

A taxi was supposed to bring the two travelers from the house to the long distance bus station.
The taxi didn't come so that the fear was born the bus would be missed and consequently the airplane.
The taxi company was called to ask what the hell was going on but the only thing they had to say was that the taxi was coming any moment.

The taxi came eventually and a race through town followed.
Held up by slow public transportation and traffic jams it all seemed hopeless.
But miraculously the taxi reached the long distance bus station in time.

Where it turned out the bus was late.

But it eventually came and drove without problems to the international airport of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
To catch a flight by Ryanair to Reus near Barcelona in Spain.

But the plane was delayed.
Some problem with a passenger that had fallen sick on the plane.
More than one hour had to be spend at the airport before the plane took off.

Arrived in Reus it took over one hour before the luggage was out of the plane and available for the passengers.

Next, it turned out that the bus to take the passengers to Barcelona was gone.
No connection and a long time to wait to take another bus to the train station of Reus.
Of course the restaurant at Reus airport had no food: not even sandwiches.

The train from Reus to Barcelona was delayed but by then the pattern had been recognized.
This was a trip where everything was going in its own way.

But that didn't matter.
The two travelers easily kept the best of spirits.
And reached the friends in Barcelona anyway.



miked said...

I can relate! Travel is wonderful - but the travel process is not what it used to be!! Glad you were able to keep your spirits up - that is the key. I always assume the worst, and when everything is on time I am thrilled.

luvglass said...

AAHHH, the joy of travel by public transportation. It's SO much more enjoyable in my house on wheels. But then again, International is a bitch. :-)