Thursday, December 17, 2009

A road for flowers

Life is a car.
It can look fancy.
It can look efficient.
It may have a nice design.
Or a fast engine.
It could have many buttons and switches.
And a tail pipe too.
But every car rides most of the time in the forward direction.

It goes where the driver sees the road stretching in front.
At a slow speed or at a high speed.
On a highway or a dirt road.
Through curves and dips.

A car and a driver may hit a tree.
Or a wall.
And that is the end of the car and the driver.
No more roads to travel.

The car can also be for transportation to a beautiful place.
Where wonderful experiences are offered.

The wall can be avoided by a last swing at the steering wheel to see suddenly and by surprise that the new direction is on a road for flowers.


Wendy said...

The roads and sidewalks in Amsterdam are rather icy and slippery today.So today my life is not a fancy car, a speedy bike or a long road, but a cozy, warm house. Stagnation and movement are all in the mind.

Flowers said...

Nice blog. Just gone through your poem A road for flowers and found it to be awesome. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.