Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sushi in Japoland

Seasoned travelers know how important it is to eat well.
And that this can be a complicated aspect of traveling.
Because there is dependence of public restaurants.
And the truth is, most restaurants serve food of low quality that is not good for the health.

Hence, the permanent traveler is constantly challenged to find good food somewhere.

The ones that have experience know what is usually a safe bet.
A Japanese restaurant.
That can be found these days in most cities worldwide.

Japanese food is probably the most healthy food available.
It is low on cholesterol, fat, oil and chemicals.
And then, it is easy to digest and most of all, it is very delicious.

Of course, one must watch out which Japanese restaurant to honor the clientship.
Because in cities like Paris, many Japanese restaurants are run by non-Japanese cooks and management.
Therefore, the food might be sub-standard.

The permanent pilgrim and the Queen of Dreams are now spending time in Cracow, Poland.
And are living in an apartment with a kitchen.
So that the healthy food that is preferred can be prepared and eaten in the harmony and peace of the own home.
But once in a while there is something to celebrate that asks for a dinner in a beautiful restaurant.

And for this in Cracow an excellent Japanese restaurant has been discovered.
It is called the Edo Sushi Bar and is on Bozego Ciala Street number 3.

There are more Japanese restaurants in Cracow, Poland but this one is the favorite.
They have tables with chairs but also a true Japanese room where the customers sit on the floor around low tables.

Of course the food one can choose to eat is pure Japanese cuisine.
But the point is: is it fresh?
Because too often one can taste the raw fish and realize it has been frozen, defrosted and therefore it lost its characteristic taste.

In the Edo Sushi Bar the food is absolutely fresh and full of glorious taste.

There are two more things to say about the Edo Sushi Bar, who as a matter of fact don't know about this publication.

One is that they play music of Kitaro.
Maybe there are people out there who love the music of Kitaro.
But the permanent pilgrim hates the nervous and whining sounds he produces from his synthesizer.

The other thing is that one of the waitresses in the Edo Sushi Bar looks exactly like a Japanese woman.
Dressed in a kimono she serves the food with grace, care and devotion that deeply impresses.
But make no mistake: she is a student of architecture from Mongolia.


Edo Sushi Bar
Ul. Bozego Ciala 3
Krakow, Poland

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