Monday, January 11, 2010

Love balls

Fresh snow has fallen in Cracow, Poland.
And because this is a phenomenon not experienced for many years due for staying always the winters in Mexico, the snowflakes descending are observed with amazement, bliss and joy.
The trees and the houses and the world are covered with a white glistering layer of magic.
Therefore, nothing more enjoyable as to walk in the park and to feel amazed by this Arctic paradise.

Babies warmly packed are on sledges being pulled to learn what a pleasure snow is.
And boys slide down slopes on plastic seats feeling ready to challenge life and testing courage.

But then a couple was spotted.
The girl would collect snow, make a ball and pretend she intended to throw it at her boyfriend.
But she couldn't.
She loved him too much.
And then the boy would collect some handful of snows and mold a ball.
To throw at his girlfriend.
But also he, he couldn't do it.
Love stopping a snowball from exploding in white dust on a head or a shoulder of a beloved one.

It was a beautiful scene to observe and of course right away the Queen of Dreams was coming to mind as someone who is also where never snowballs hit.
Who is deep in the heart where is no cold and no winter.

Then in Cracow, Poland a dog was taken his master for a walk in the park in the snow.
A black Labrador on the white surface leaving yellow spots.
Whether it is water or snow, a Labrador is happy to roam anywhere.
Charley, this Labrador, spotted though another male dog of his size.
And immediately got into his mode of applying aggression to defend non-existing territory.
Charley barking, testing the strength of his collar attaching him with the one that feeds him.
A dog defends his territory and can't even supply himself with food.
What is this dog nonsense in the park about then?
Just threatening, like the couple was doing with their snowballs.
But dogs, contrary to the amorous man and woman, do this with little love for each other.

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