Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alone while with thousands

It is a very weird situation to have the project “The most beautiful people in the world” explode in success while in retreat.

On the one hand reality is the deserted location of El Triple in Mexico far from society and deep into nature.
On the other hand it is the turmoil of a photo project that is successful, popular, in the centre of media attention and therefore in the minds and hearts of thousands and thousands of people.
The contrast to be alone while with thousands.

It is the result of being far from society by driving the Fuso Szulc to its current particular location but because of remaining in touch through the solar powered satellite Internet connection society remains dominantly present in a virtual way.

This is weird to experience but great as well.
It is like having a birthday party with family and friends but being far away from where it takes place.

These days it is very difficult to work as an artist and have with the results of the art work world wide media attention.
In general, life has become high speed and much more superficial.
What fits these days in the context of the media must be so specific, that very few artists manage to escape from obscurity.
The challenge for a contemporary artist is to remain 100 % close to oneself and come up nevertheless with a result that fits in the current media context.

This has happened with the project “The most beautiful people in the world” but it must be said it was never imagined it would grow into these proportions of current media attention.
Of course the dream was manifesting itself frequently as an artist-photographer to make at least once in the career a smash hit.
A work that would find access to the world stage.
This has happened with the sequences and now again with a photo project.

It is an excellent feeling to see this happen.
But like it was with the sequences, the success is not causing to lean back and bulemia-like swallow the self-satisfaction.
Everything that is now happening around the project “The most beautiful people in the world” is seen as the construction of a new platform from where the next project can be build and launched to reach even more people.


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Great interview. Nice to put a voice to the your words and text.