Monday, November 22, 2010

The wind blowing towards insanity

There was a storm in the north.
California, USA, was hit by bad weather.
Being 1.500 kilometers to the south of this meteorological event, which is 932 miles, it could be noticed.
Normally this time of year the wind at El Triple blows between 10 to 15 kilometers per hour.
That is 6 to 9 miles per hour.
But yesterday, because of the Californian storm, it howled at over 30 kilometers per hour.
That is 18 miles per hour.

The Fuso Szulc is, when in one place for a long time, supported by stabilizing trailer jacks.
This to avoid when winds are strong that the vehicle shakes like a cocktail mixer.
But when winds are over 30 kilometers per hour the Fuso Szulc vibrates on its jacks as if it is nervous or having mini orgasms.

The wind speeds in those conditions is watched carefully using the Davis Vantage Vue weather centre.
Because if winds would reach a speed of about 40 kilometers an hour, 25 miles an hour, the Datastorm Satellite Disk needs to be lowered and put in the storage position.

When at El Triple, Mexico, during these strong winds, memories return of the time when living in Cadaques, Spain.
In that village they have sometimes a strong wind that is called the Tramontana.
It comes from the nearby Pyrenees mountains and it can blow from a few hours to several days.
It is a merciless wind: very strong and in Winter bitterly cold.

When the Tramontana blows the inhabitants of Cadaques are influenced by the effects this wind has.
It makes people, when the Tramontana blows for days, irritated, annoyed, bad mooded and alcoholic.
This constant noise that sounds like being in a ghost house, the cold, the pulling at clothes when outside, the discomfort, the aggression and the violence the wind forces to feel.
Those are the days couples fight and separate.
And it is the time that many people get drunk.

If in Cadaques, Spain, people become crazy and get out of control because of a strong wind, it must be a worldwide phenomenon.
And therefore probably in El Triple, Mexico as well.
But being in solitude it is hard to determine when exactly the level of insanity is reached.
Yesterday, it was noticed the mood was not near getting a gold medal.
It was more on the level of a rusted copper junk thing.
That was due to the wind because it was not just very uncomfortable at El Triple.
For example, to sit in the sunshine to read quietly and peaceful another chapter in the marvelous book “Middlemarch” by George Eliot was impossible.
Too cold, too violent, too aggressive, too unpleasant.
And nowhere to go to be out of the wind: it was everywhere except inside the Fuso Szulc.
But that was vibrating on its jacks imposing impossible and therefore unpleasant fantasies.

It was imagined what would happen if in that situation a skilled and experienced psychiatrist would visit to do a mental health check.
Maybe her diagnosis would be: where are the men in white coats? Take him away now!!

The wind has calmed down.
11 kilometers per hour.
That is 6 miles per hour.
No more vibrations of the Fuso Szulc and in the mental health.


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Hey, what's wrong with "mini" orgasms? Whadda you looking for?