Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congratulations for being in love

Who is responsible that I have no more appetite?
Who disturbs my peace?
Why am I doing everything wrong?
Who makes me warm and then cold?

That is because of Peter.
He is my ideal.
Wearing a gray sweater and a red shawl
He has blue eyes and dark hair
and he is tall and handsome and 18 years old.

Peter believes girls are stupid.
He doesn’t care for them.
That’s how is Peter.

Peter, can’t you see
that I am sick of sadness
Peter, I am in love with you.

Peter is in the highest grade of our school
I wish I was there too
But when he sometimes looked at me
I was totally confused

Many fervent and loyal blog readers may wonder what this is all about.
Who is this Peter and who is talking about him here?

What you have just read is the translated text of a popular song in the Netherlands in the 1970’s.
It was sung by a choir of young girls and played often on the radio in the days there was no MTV yet.
Yesterday, for some unknown reason, this “Peter” song was playing in the head during the post siesta beach walk.
Somehow the brain cells where this song is stored became activated.

And over there in the brains were more memories connected to the “Peter”-song.
Like the memory that at the time of the success of the “Peter”-song, in the 1970’s, the oldest sister had reached her dating age.
And unfortunately for her, she had fallen love with a boy who also happened to have the name “Peter”.
When her two brothers and younger sister discovered her emotional involvement with this Peter, she was mercilessly teased.

And that does questions rise when fast forwarded to today.
Why did the brothers and sister of a young girl in love for the first time have to tease her so cruelly?
Why couldn’t they have told her that it was something marvelous, that they were all very happy for her and were wishing her the very best?
This is so puzzling now, in 2010, that being in love, as was the older sister in 1970, was seen as something to tease the person about.

There are no children in the slipstream of the pioneering photographer and it is during these kinds of reflections that they are dearly missed.
Because as a parent the children would have been inspired to see being in love as a fabulous event in life.
Something to celebrate, respect and enjoy.
Instead of teasing the person for being in love, gifts would be given and a party thrown.

The older sister so in love with Peter but teased to death married another guy.
Whose name was Paul.


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Bouwina said...

What's going on Michel, maybe you are in love again?