Monday, November 15, 2010

No more nine

This morning in bed after waking up because of the absence of a partner to have activities with the entertainment and satisfaction was found in contemplating about numerology and mathematics.
This is how deep or how high a man can sink or rise, depending how it is looked at.

Therefore, no wonder the focus during the contemplation was on the number 9.
The number that represents the powerless condition a man can find himself in.
If the vitality is made right and bright, we use of course the number 6.

Therefore, the conclusion came up that if possible, we should eliminate the number 9 completely.
Like it is a strict taboo to use it.

This may sound like a far fetched and weird concept.
To have all the numbers between 1 and 10 except the number 9.
But excuse us, this is not silly or impossible at all.

To have it become effective, we must approach numbers as a religion.
Because there they do these things.

Like in the Jewish faith it is not allowed to use the word God.
Therefore they write JHWH that is pronounced Yahweh.
It is an agreement between people similar to deciding to all together not use the number 9 anymore.

There is also something similar in the Islam.
There it is not allowed to make a drawing or painting or sculpture that represents what God created.
So you never find in a traditional mosque an image of Mohammed the Prophet.
Artists could only express themselves in abstract patterns.
Result of a common agreement.
It is all that simple!

When we think about it more deeply, we come to the conclusion that if the Jewish faith and the Islam can exclude things, why not a horrible and depressing number, the 9, as well?
Think about it, why do we need number 9 actually?
If, for example, you make $ 900 a week, we will need to change that to $ 888.
You see, what is the problem?
And if your wife expects her 9th child, of course it has to be made available for adoption.
Besides all this, you have any problem closing all 99 Cents stores then?
It is all a piece of cake.

Now, some smart fellow in the back of the lecture hall raises his hand, that fortunately has 5 fingers, not 9, and claims that in mathematics we can’t do without the number 9.
That is a good point.
Because we can’t adapt a system like they have in the Jewish faith.
There, everybody knows Jahweh means God.
So when somebody says: “Jahweh”, the listener knows the person means in fact “God”.
In numbers we cannot go for that approach.
Like making a worldwide agreement through the United Nations that as of now the number 9 will be replaced by the number 3.
So that if somebody says to deliver 3 cars, in fact your driveway will be blocked by 9 cars.
And if you need 3 cars, how to avoid having to pay for 9?
That won’t work.
But fortunately there is a solution.
We can represent 9 with the concept 10-1.
In a calculation it will look like this:
10-1 x 3 = 27
Why do we need 9?

Even in daily life.
You can’t say anymore you have 9 friends.
So simply say you have 8 friends or 10, what is the difference?

Time to get out of bed.
This is all becoming too ridiculous.
Better have a partner to play with next time.


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