Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally: a great picture

For quite some time not many pictures are taken anymore.
Although on many occasions and in many situations a camera is carried, it is not often being used.
The main reason for this policy is that there is no conviction anymore that it makes sense to make pictures.
Because immediately the question arises: why?
And because no adequate and convincing answer comes to this question it is experienced as a senseless matter to shoot images here and there.

In the past, this was a completely different matter.
Anywhere and anytime pictures were made.
Of anybody and any situation wherever and whenever.
But in those days it was easy to find platforms to present those images to an audience.
And to even turn them into a way of making money.
This situation has drastically changed.

These days books, features in newspapers and magazines, and exhibitions all always have a theme.
A particular subject.
Never anymore a group of pictures of a photographer is published or shown that are made at random.

In the past another way of marketing images was through the stock agencies, the companies that sell from an image bank to magazines and newspapers.
Pictures how people were living, what they were doing, how they had been building: any image could be added to the image bank and very likely one day they were published and paid for.
But many of the stock agencies have gone out of business over the last couple of years.
And the ones that are still selling do this in a minimal way for extreme low prices.

A whole other issue is that in the past it was personally very well known what to decide was a great picture.
But over the last couple of years what curators decide to show in their museums and galleries and photo festivals, and picture editors in their magazines and newspapers, there is no understanding why those images are selected to be presented.
Often it is seen as either lacking quality or it is simply not understood why a specific group of images has been chosen to be displayed or published.
It is clear that many curators and picture editors now in charge have a way of looking at pictures that is completely alien and not understood.
And therefore why make many pictures when they would not find curators and picture editors drinking such a cup of tea?

Nevertheless, just for fun, pictures are made like this one in La Paz.

It is considered a great picture.
That’s why it deserves to be published on this blog.
Then, why is this a good image?
Don’t know.
It just feels like it is.



Anonymous said...

I think you are right ....
L. ten K.

Anonymous said...

Michel, I think it is a very interesting image because it makes you think and it is conceptual in nature. You have earned a reputation over 40 years and deerve to make the pictures that YOU wish to make, not what other editors and curators think are deserving. You have been a photographic pioneer for decades and have always been successful. Why stop now?

I personally would love to see more of these type images from your blog.

jeffinillinois said...

The light shines only because of the power above.

Anonymous said...

very nice .....

H. B.
Den Bosch