Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elsewhere where?

But elsewhere in Mexico on Friday, the arrest of two men believed to be part of the La Familia cartel in the Mexican state of Michoacan sparked violent clashes in the region, including the blockade of several roads with vehicles set on fire, Notimex reported.
A string of shootings and other violent attacks were believed to be an attempt to rescue them from police custody, Notimex said.
A number of passenger buses were riddled with bullets and set on fire, and two gasoline tankers were also set ablaze using molotov cocktails. A few homes and a convenience store were also targets of the attacks, according to Notimex.

Reported CNN today.

But elsewhere in Mexico, and that was for most of the territory of this country, everything was quiet and without unusual problems.

Reports the pioneering photographer.

Especially in La Paz where it was peaceful and happy.
Although no shop had running shoes size 13….

Now it is a return to a second retreat at El Triple.


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