Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The fish that killed himself

It all depends what point of view one takes.
And one very convincing one is that we make a lot of trouble.
Worldwide we see wars take place, murders and killings.
If not carefully controlling indignation one would tend to think we live in a jungle and should be prepared for the worst constantly.

Actually, this is how most animals live.
We at least try to strive for peace and harmony.
We have the Ten Commandments and the Sutras and the Koran Verses and priests, the law and the police.
Most people live not doing anyone harm.

But not so with those other living creatures with who we share the planet.
The animals have organized a community for themselves where the rule is that if you don’t kill and eat, you will be killed and eaten.
Except for the pandas.
Most other live in constant fear.
They depend on defense abilities they have developed during their evolution.
Nevertheless, the chance they will enjoy a relaxed old day are minimal.
As soon as they are not in top physical condition anymore the crocodile or the owl will be able to catch and eat them.

It is a horrible world and be aware that animals are afraid of us not for who we are.
They are afraid of any living thing because they know they are hunted to be eaten.
Animals live in a tremendous fear and stress.
Nervous and tense, fearing for life from morning till the next morning.

Besides fear, many animals are vicious too.
Especially fish.
They have a voracity that even humans don’t have.
They eat as much as they can and then even more.

In the days of fishing it has happened frequently that a fish was caught who still had in the throat a small fish it had caught seconds before.

And yesterday the oyster diver friends came by who had found on the beach minutes before a large fish that had killed itself by overeating.
It was a fish called a white seabass who had caught a smaller one called a pompano.

The pompano was too big to eat but the seabass was too vicious and voracious and tried anyway.
The pompano got stuck in his mouth: couldn’t get it in and couldn’t get it out anymore.
To die and wash on the beach.

Better be human.


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