Friday, November 19, 2010

other ways of waterboarding

It is hard to understand why the American interrogators ever used this torturing system of waterboarding.
The victims would say anything they believed the interrogators wanted to hear.
Desperate as they had been made to feel.

While there is a way to have anybody confess the truth easily and peacefully.
Just make somebody listen to the music of Kitaro.

Kitaro is a Japanese musician who uses the synthesizer.

He lives in Sebastopol, California, USA on a 180 acre (730,000 m²) estate and composes in his 2500 square foot (230 m²) home studio he calls the "Mochi House" (it is large enough to hold a 70 piece orchestra).
Frequently he brings out CD’s with his music and these sounds he produces drives any sane person to a state of total desperation.
Through XM radio channel 72 called “Spa” sometimes they play music from Kitaro and that is always the right time to get out of the Fuso Szulc and check the sound of the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

At El Triple these days there are more sounds to hear that are unusual and possibly annoying.
On the dirt roads not very far from the location where the Fuso Szulc is parked, the Baja 1000 rally is taking place.
This Baja 1000 rally is a huge event and monstrous cars participate making a tremendous noise.
That carries for miles and reaches the peaceful and harmonious El Triple location.
It is a 20 minutes walk to the dirt road where the racing cars, motorbikes and ATV’s pass by and the option is to go and see how they hurry by.
But there is no interest at all to see the race: the sound of the Pacific Ocean is preferred.


To learn more about Kitaro:

To learn more about the Baja 1000 Rally:


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