Friday, November 26, 2010

A pregnant man

And then the idea grounded that the body was becoming too fat.
Especially in the front where the belly is, it looked like a swelling.

Result of an unhealthy life style during the four months in Europe.
Eating in restaurants too frequently where food is rarely healthy.
Drinking too often high calorie red wine in alcoholic quantities.
Eating too often large bars of white chocolate with whole hazelnuts and the Dutch speciality “Klene’s muntdrop”, a sweetened licorice.
And failing to do the daily exercises and the running.

To return after four months of this extravaganza to Mexico looking like being in the fourth month of pregnancy.

That is not tolerated.
And once back in the own and preferred life style, a rigorous regime was implemented.

No more chocolate, no more sweets, no more alcohol, no more soft drinks and no more fat food.
Additionally, every day exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, one hour walks and 45 minute runnings.

Also the food intake is seriously limited.
For lunch, always four slices of toasted bread were eaten.
Two with cheese and two with marmalade.
Now it is only one with cheese and one with marmalade.
And not more then one glass of fruit juice.
Lunch ended with a prune and an apple.

In the evening, dinner is only some cooked vegetables with a piece of tofu.
No rice, no potatoes, no lentils, no pasta.

The result is disappointing.
And makes suffering.
Because the whole day there is this feeling of being hungry.
The body asks and screams for more food.
Which it is not getting.

And how is the pregnancy ?
Well, if the body is put in front of the mirror in a state of total relaxation the pregnancy is not four months anymore but probably three months.
But if the body is ordered to stand up straight with all the muscles activated, spectators see a young God.


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