Monday, November 1, 2010

The small dog that believes it is big

There is this friend in La Paz who is a cattle dealer.
He buys from ranches in the southern part of Baja California their cows.
Brings them to his own ranch near the town of La Paz.
There the cows get the best time in their lives.
No more roaming in the mountains looking for the meagre food that can be found there and needing to walk all the way back to the water hole.
No, at the ranch of the friend in La Paz, they are all cozy together in a large corral with plenty of food and fresh water available day and night.
In a short while they grow fat and content.
But then when the price of meat is high, the cows are sold to the slaughter house and soon they are juicy steaks on the tables.

When meeting the friend, the cattle dealer from La Paz, he shakes hands in a way that immediately concern is raised for the well being of the own hand.
He squeezes it as if every bone needs to be crushed.
It is that kind of guy: a fantastic aura and strong presence.
He owns the world.
He is good looking, well off, simpatico and clever.

But his marriage failed.
You can’t have it all, dear fervent and loyal blog readers.
His wife and the two kids moved out and they live now in a house somewhere else in La Paz.
The friend is these days by himself in the house where he used to have family company.

This is devastating for him.
His aura is not so brilliant anymore.
Doesn’t shave every morning as he used to do and his mood is down too.

But he came up with a solution for his misery.
A remarkable initiative to anesthetize his loneliness and feelings of failure.
He got himself a chihuahua.
This is a small dog.
Mexican breed.
An affectionate canin.
But very vicious when necessary.

It is the kind of dog that doesn’t realize it is small and slightly ridiculous but probably very able to imagine it has Rottweiler capacities in case of danger.
How they can bark!
And make these moves like attacking sending the intruder to hospital.

Somehow, this chihuahua alleviates the life of the friend.
But it looks weird though to see this big and strong man sit on the sofa in his empty living room with in his lap the small dog.
Finding a grip on life again thanks to this sausage doggie.

On a recent visit the metal gate was knocked on of the house the friend lives in.
To wake him up because now he sleeps a lot.
Immediately the chihuahua came running to the fence barking like mad suggesting that no one was going to step on the property to stay alive.

The friend woke up, controlled the dog and we sat down in the living room.
The chihuahua had calmed down and could handle emotionally better two guys quietly sitting and talking.
He even got a little curious to learn who was the visitor.
The chihuahua jumped off the friend’s warm lap and nervously moved closer and closer to the visitor.

Now, fervent and loyal blog readers, you know you must talk to dogs, correct?
To explain them things like you are not an intruder with bad intentions.
You say you could even be friends.
And this kind of talking to a dog calms them down and before you know he acts like a purring pussy cat.

It doesn’t matter of course what you tell the dog.
What is important is the tone.
It must be sweet and friendly and soothing and understanding.
Indeed, you can say the most awful things to the dog but if you do it in a beautiful sing song way the dog likes you a lot soon.

Because the friend was there, not only the tone was most friendly communicating with his chihuahua, but the nicest things were said.
“What a beautiful dog you are, Mister chihuahua!”
“Yes, there is a visitor and he likes you already a lot!!”
“Are you going to be the friendly dog you can be?”

The chihuahua was most curious.
Such a friendly person in the house.
And before it was known, he jumped on the lap of the visitor.
The small dog being shy and nervous for the situation he was talked into, OK, but keeping his ground nevertheless.

The friend’s mouth fell open.
He said that this had never happened with his chihuahua before.

How about working in the circus?


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