Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting out of decision mode

What it will cause is not known yet.
Forcing to quit being in retreat at El Triple.
Will it be the lack of drinking water?
Or no more oatmeal for breakfast?
Maybe being fed up with the solitude?

There will be eventually a reason to call it the quits.
For this or for that.

This may not occur soon though.
It is day 24 now of the retreat and most probably a new record of +/- 30 days of non stop retreat might be written in the annals this week.

Meanwhile it is contemplated what to do after going back to town.
New supplies will be purchased.
The six Trojan batteries replaced.
Friends will be met.
But then what?
A return to El Triple for another month of retreat?
Or to go to the Gonzales family on the other side of the Baja California peninsula where life is with other people and in a warmer climate?

In the mind in one place the pro’s and con’s of returning to El Triple are noted.
In another place the pro’s and con’s of going to the Gonzalez family.
Like a book keeping method hoping to come to a conclusion what is the most favorable.

And guess what: this doesn’t work at all.
What is fantastic at El Triple is lacking with the Gonzales family.
And what is fabulous with the Gonzales family is absent at El Triple.
There is no ideal and 100 % perfect location to be.

It is therefore impossible to come to a conclusion: at least now.

Therefore the decision has been made to close those books in the mind that were opened to try to come to a conclusion where to go next.
Instead all mental activity is focused on being in the here and now.
The steps to take in the future will be based on thinking and deciding at the very moment when it becomes relevant.

To free the way and make space to enjoy El Triple as never before.


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