Friday, October 29, 2010

The hampering harmony

It is a dilemma.
Here at El Triple there is nature with its flora and fauna.
And into this an expedition vehicle drives itself with a human being on board.
That has an impact.
Although limited.

The impact is the least on the flora.
It is hibernating now because the rainy season has not brought any rain at El Triple.
So, nature looks like it is death.
No flowers and no green leaves.
In any case, when walking through nature to the beach, always the same path is walked that twists and turns around the plants.
Not to step on them even when they look death.

But the animals is another story.
In spite of the dryness, they are around.
Even close to the Fuso Szulc.

There are small lizards.
But they are cute and in harmony with the human presence.

And there are coyotes walking by even close to the camp.
Usually at night or early in the morning.
They are shy animals but one coyote during a recent night came inside the camp and rummaged in search for possible food.
There is a strict rule never to leave food outside the Fuso Szulc and for this specific reason.
It would attract animals and bring a confrontation and thus complications closer.
With this policy the coyotes can be heard giving concerts at night but they never make other trouble.

The other representatives of the animal kingdom visiting are the insects.
Because there has been no rainfall here this year, there are not too many insects.
Besides, the daily northwest wind blowing from the Pacific Ocean keeps them away as well.
The stronger the wind the less insects.
The Fuso Szulc has bug screens and a screen door to keep the insects where they belong.
A good idea but at night, when it is dark outside but a light is on inside the Fuso Szulc, somehow certain small insects manage to come inside anyhow.
They stay around the lamp and when not bothered they are peaceful visitors.
But outside, specific insects are vicious and aggressive.
And there are bees that become upset easily.
Small bees that are curious but also hot tempered.
Yesterday one came to pay a visit.
During the preparations for the daily run.
The shirt was waved at the bee to make it go away.
That was too much for the bee.
Unnoticed he landed on the naked arm.
Where he viciously drilled his sting into the skin.
When that was noticed the bee was with a similar viciousness removed of its attack location.
But the bite had been performed and now the arm at that spot has been swollen to tumor like proportions and there is a terrible itching.

And then there are mice.
Followed by desert rats.
They not only look for food but also for a safe and comfortable place to stay.
And are specialists in gnawing anything: cables, wood, hoses and even aluminum.
If possible they make a nest inside RV’s and this has happened on a few occasions.

Hence, it is a good thing if it can be avoided that mice and small rats enter the Fuso Szulc to make havoc.
Like they seem to have done: two lights are not working anymore because probably somewhere in a hidden place in the Fuso Szulc they have been gnawing cables.

Now, what to do ?
There is one effective and beautiful solution to this problem of mice and small rats making the Fuso Szulc their place to stay.
It is to move out of the situation.
To leave the animals in peace and their world for themselves.
The confrontation harmoniously ended.

But this is not accepted as an option.
And that does not make feel full of pride, harmony and peace.
Because by staying, action has to be undertaken.
Like a small war.
The single human versus the multiple mice and small rats and El Triple is the battlefield.
Pretentiously the human is claiming that the mice and small rats have the whole desert to play in but not the small area where the Fuso Szulc is parked.

Obviously this is a proposition hard to understand for the rodents.
A man can talk forever and explain time and again, but they keep on coming and they insist on destroying what basically is a beautiful expedition vehicle.

On board the Fuso Szulc is a bottle with rodent poison.
Mice traps and one rat trap.
These are the weapons used in the battle against the persistent pestering predators.
To basically wipe out the rodent population in the vicinity.

It is a dilemma that has found this status.
A story that unravels anywhere on the planet when humans settle somewhere in nature.

Flora and fauna in combination with human beings.
Total harmony is impossible.


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