Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building up what broke down

Several personal messages were received because of the recent blog in which some words were written about the Queen of Dreams.

Among many fervent and loyal blog readers there is slight concern for her.
But this is probably not necessary.
The separation was in June and within one week the Queen of Dreams had a new boyfriend.
Proudly she came by to tell that she was in love again.
Recently she told she was having an unbelievable harmonious relationship with this man.
Never a quarrel.
So, we can only be happy for her.

Meanwhile many shops and places were visited in La Paz, Mexico, to find a replacement for the solar cable control box.
It requires a specific state of mind.
Such items are not easy to find or are even not available at all.
The hunt must be done without any emotion.
The conclusion for the solar cable control box is that in La Paz it is not for sale.
Nor the cable connecting parts that are in it.
However, that doesn’t matter.
We always have Javier who is a master in improvisation.
He will make out of metal by hand the parts.

There are other issues with the Fuso Szulc.
The air conditioning has stopped working completely.
It makes no sense to take the truck to a Mitsubishi dealer in the United States: the guarantee on the vehicle has been expired.
Experts say that it can be fixed here in La Paz: it seems to be a matter of replacing the compressor.
Probably that can wait because the plan is to go in retreat at El Triple: that means a few drives in the next coming months and while on location the AC is not used anyway.

Another issue was that a loudspeaker in the cabin had broken.
A Kicker Marine loudspeaker.
That was easy to fix because in Mexico shops can be found that sell car audio and install.
Now two Panasonic loudspeakers have been installed: they come in pairs only…

Three more issues to resolve besides the solar cable control box.
On the roof one metal hood of the exhaust tube of the waste water tank has broken off.
Rust again…

And a ventilator in the back of the refrigerator has stopped working.
An analogue clock gave up.

This is life in an expedition vehicle.
When using it permanently, things break down.
Also because of the extreme weather circumstances.
Salty moisture.

Fixing all these problems has become part of life as of the day life came to be in the Fuso Szulc.
One important effect is that it doesn’t upset anymore.

And that is amazing because the Datastorm Satellite System to get on the Internet is completely broken and connection can only be made manually…

But the sun shines, the sky is blue, life is free of tension and stress, it is again in the own hands so the technical challenges don’t matter at all.



Anonymous said...

I think the technical challenges we face when living in the Baja are there to keep us from being bored.

Anonymous said...

Gelukkig is je positiviteit overeind gebleven!

B. S.

Anonymous said...

A woman who is in love and has a new boyfriend within one week after separating is fooling herself and any dumbshit that likes to believe in that kind of miracles.

Pete, Denver

Anonymous said...

You better change the name "Queen of Dreams" into "Queen of self serving illusions"...

Maria Halbera.