Thursday, October 14, 2010

cold and warm

So often we hear about climate change and the poles melting and the sea levels rising.
Scientifically this is a true and proven fact but what do we notice in our daily lives?

One of the things that always has been done when living at El Triple in Baja California, Mexico was to measure the highest and lowest daily temperatures.
And to store this data in a document on the computer.

This is why we can compare now the temperatures of these October 2010 days with the ones when also bivouacking at El Triple in October 2007.

Date Lowest Highest

10-10-2007 20,1º C 33,4º C
10-10-2010 17.8º C 28.8º C

11-10-2007 19,9º C 33,4º C
11-10-2010 16.7º C 28.5º C

12-10-2007 19,1º C 32,5º C
12-10-2010 13.4º C 30.6º C

13-10-2007 19,0º C 34,0º C
13-10-2010 18.4º C 30.8º C

Three years ago during those four October days it was warmer at El Triple compared to the current days.
But that has not necessarily anything to do with the truth about climate change.
It might be just a cooler Autumn this year.


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