Friday, October 8, 2010

How to become Tarzan again

The solar system is fixed: Xavier managed to find a part that was fitting and all the cables are in the right place again.
The caps of the exhaustion pipes of the tanks on the roof of the Fuso Szulc have been cleaned, painted and with a new and better system attached securely.

Already part of the food supplies needed for a month long stay at El Triple, the abandoned bay at the Pacific Ocean, have been purchased.
This morning fruit and vegetables will be bought, the water and diesel tank filled and then slowly the road will be driven to this unique location.
For an ascetic and meditative life for weeks to come.

One important thing that will be worked on while at El Triple is the health.
When traveling and staying in Europe, life is in fact very disorganized compared to the regular life style.
Very often the location where to stay is changed and this creates a kind of unrest.
Also the food that is eaten is often not as is preferred and what is good for the body.
Too often dinner is with friends in restaurants and that is often not very good food.
Too fat for sure.
And then there is the drinking.
When living in the life that is considered truly the own and the best, no alcohol ever is consumed.
But when with family and friends in Europe, especially wine with dinner almost always is present.
And consumed often in a quantity of a bottle per person.
And when this happens almost every evening and this for months, the effects can easily be noticed.
One of them is that the body becomes more heavy.
Gains weight.

Another habit while in the own life are the daily exercises.
Usually the day starts with gymnastics.
In the afternoon there is yoga and before dinner a good run of at least 40 minutes.
But when traveling in Europe nothing of all this finds a place and a time to be performed.
Another reason why in fact the body deteriorates.

But now it is back to business as usual.
No more excuses.
The muscle pain will be terrible...


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