Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life can be happy

The retreat is now in its 21st day.
And it feels better and better.

It may take even another week before the unique location has to be left due to failing supplies.

But for now: no real problems.
Still 30 liters of drinking water.
Propane tank at 56 %.
Watertank at 54 %.
And still food in fridge and freezer to survive living in a most simple way.

As so often though, there are minor technical problems.
A light used the most often at night has stopped working.
A technical inspection was made and there is no power on the cable.
Hence, somewhere between the light and the fuse board the cable is cut.
All the cables in the Fuso Szulc are behind walls therefore it is still an unmet challenge to discover where exactly the cut has taken place.
This though should be found out because in normal life cables are not cut by themselves.
Someone or something is doing this.
As there is nobody else, it must be mice.
They are known for gnawing cables and hoses of cars and RV’s that are in one place for a longer period of time.

Another technical issue that has come up are the six Trojan batteries.
They are in use for four years now and have reached the end of their life span.
They need to be replaced because they can’t keep properly the 20 amp of electricity the six solar panels on the roof produce at noon.
Therefore, electricity is now being used as little as possible.
Because when the power of the batteries go lower than 9 volt, the Magnum inverter system switches everything off.

Besides these minor issues life is uncomplicated, prosperous and happy.



raj said...

just curious. you said you have 30 litres of water left. how many litres do you need every day?

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski said...

About 2,5 liters of drinking water per day