Sunday, October 3, 2010

A travel warning

Yesterday, the United States has issued a travel alert for Americans planning a trip to Europe.
The US government has warned its citizens in an official travel advisory to be vigilant traveling in Europe, amid fears of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack.
The state department advised Americans to take care while in tourist areas.
The department did not specify a country, issuing the updated guidance for the whole of Europe.
Security sources have warned of an al-Qaeda plan to send teams of gunmen to crowded places to kill civilians.
Such a travel advisory results in probably thousands of American citizens to cancel their trip to Europe.
That means a lot of hotels in Europe will have fewer guests and less souvenirs are sold.

But right here on this blog today, the pioneering photographer is issuing a travel alert for all Europeans who plan a trip to the United States.
In an official travel advisory, Europeans are requested to be vigilant traveling in the United States, amid fears of al-Qaeda commando-style attacks planned by persons in the service industry.
The responsible department of the pioneering photographer did not specify a particular city or state, issuing the updated guidance for the whole of the United States.
Security sources close to the pioneering photographer have warned of an al-Qaeda plan to send teams of waitresses to crowded places to seduce civilians.

This is something that has been personally experienced in the past.
It happened on the first trip to the United States in a small town near Albuquerque in New Mexico in the United States in 1979.
A nice vegetarian restaurant was found to have lunch.
As we all know, there are beautiful women in this world but this waitress in the small vegetarian restaurant near Albuquerque was so extraordinarily beautiful, that the food had a hard time to be swallowed.
The only thing possible was to stare in awe and amazement at this extraordinary creature.
And then she was nice too.
Chatting a little with the impressed guest.
She sweetly and kindly inquiring about how the food was tasting.
Even asking if she could be any help.
If more water was needed.
Saying her name was Madelon and that she could be called anytime.
And then eventually bringing the cheque wishing warmly a good day.
On the cheque she had elegantly written her name: Madelon.
And a smiley!
This was all so impressing and flabbergasting.
Such a nice and sweet girl.
And so personal!
It was in a haze the restaurant was left and as of that lunch in the small town near Albuquerque life was never the same anymore.
The girl was on the mind but constantly, fervent and loyal blog readers, and permanently.
Life suddenly spinning exclusively around her and her beauty and her radiation and her warmth and friendliness and charm.
Therefore it was decided not to continue the pilgrimage.
But to stay in in the small town near Albuquerque to be able to have lunch in that vegetarian restaurant again the next day.
To see and experience the wonderful girl once more and maybe, maybe get her to know better and, dream, dream, fantasy, fantasy, maybe even get a date out of her.

And indeed, full of excitement the small vegetarian restaurant near Albuquerque was visited once more the next day and for sure the girl was there serving again.
She was even more beautiful than the day before wearing now a long white dress and she had put a red flower in her hair.
In her eyes a glimmering was noticed when reunited and it was even warmer and nicer than the day before.
She was such an angel.
How she floated from table to kitchen to table in the restaurant and having a smile and a warm word for every hungry customer coming to eat.
For sure it was decided she was from heaven and that she should come along.

Therefore, after having come slightly back to the own senses returned in the camper, a letter was written to Madelon.
The address was on the cheque for the lunch and the letter was a testimony to her beauty, her aura, her sweetness, her kindness, her lovingness, her uniqueness and her charm.

The pilgrimage had to be continued to the next location to make pictures, but every few days the gallery in New York was called to ask if a letter had arrived from a small town near Albuquerque.
From a person called Madelon.
To possibly rush back to land in her arms.

Until today no reply has been received from Madelon.
It seems Madelon is a very busy lady and hasn’t found the time yet to sit down and write a sweet letter to her admirer.

As a matter of fact, the hope to receive a letter from Madelon evaporated with every new visit to a restaurant in the United States.
First of all, it was observed that there are many beautiful waitresses working in American restaurants.
And most of them are extraordinarily friendly.
Even seductive.
An innocent man, or a European, easily will believe, based on the attitude of the American waitress, that he is very, very attractive and that openings for more between them are presented together with the food.
Once though that it is found out that waiters and waitresses are paid a very low salary and that their real income are the tips they get, one understands that the true reason for the friendliness is to boost the tip.
Therefore this travel warning.
The waitress is friendly but it is nothing personal.
Like the bullet from al-Qaeda.



Anonymous said...

what a meal!!!! wow.

Anonymous said...

In which case they do not to do anything else because this scare tactic will cause financial losses for a lot of companies..Europeans are more hardy.. we'd never go anywhere if we listened to every scare tactic..

Cristina K, U.K.