Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Store like an anchor

The Fuso Szulc had been parked during the four months in Europe very near the Los Cabos Airport in Mexico.
On the large property of a company called Anchor Storage.

The expedition vehicle had been treated during those four months like a friend.
Frequently having its doors and windows opened to let the heat out.
And right before the owner returned, the whole vehicle was cleaned inside and outside.

Reception was like returning to friends.
Gregorio was there and his friend and on request the water tank of the Fuso Szulc was filled with fresh water and it was hooked up to the main electricity.
When it was time to have dinner, the friend offered to drive to the nearest supermarket to get supplies.
Some time later, all together, food and beer was enjoyed chatting and exchanging experiences.
The night was spent in the Fuso Szulc at Anchor Storage’s place and in the morning beautiful general manager Ana Hulko, a woman with style and dignity, introduced herself.
Offering to make use of the WIFI-system of Anchor Storage.
And later to have a coffee.
A large cup of vanilla flavored coffee with a set of Oatmeal cookies.

When the truck needed a boost of power to start the engine, Gregorio hooked the Fuso Szulc up to the company’s car batteries solving that challenge.

The Fuso Szulc was at Anchor Storage for four months.
Costing US$ 74
That includes fabulous service.

The Fuso Szulc had developed a problem over the last four months.
On the roof are six solar panels and their cables come all together in a central box there.
From this central box one cable goes to the Heliotrope Solar Charger Controller.
Somehow moisture or even rainwater had managed to get into the central box.
Making the metal parts rust.
Some metal was even completely eaten away.
This causes the solar system not to be effective.
Today the hunt is on in La Paz, Mexico, for a new central box for the cables of the solar panels.

Another issue is the air conditioning of the truck.
That serves the cabin of the Mitsubishi Fuso FG truck.
This AC has never worked properly.
Many times at the dealership in San Diego complaints have been made but the reply was always that everything seemed fine.
In June the AC system began to rattle.
It was checked by a specialist and indeed something is the matter.
Now, after having been idle for four months, the AC doesn’t work at all.
One thing that can be done is to have again the pressure of the AC gas checked.
But it looks that the Mitsubishi Fuso needs to return to a Mitsubishi dealer in the USA.
Because also a letter has been received from Mitsubishi for a recall.
Something is wrong with rubbers holding the cabin to the chassis.

A new trip to the USA in the time to come.
How exciting!


Anchor Storage in Cabo San Lucas next to the Los Cabos Airport.
US cell 3036566755
US Office 3035452279
Mexican Office 6241722319


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