Saturday, October 16, 2010

They are back!

We call them “sand dollars”.
But by experts they are known as Clypeasteroide.
And they can explain that this beautiful object we find on the beach is in fact the skeleton of an animal.

A sea urchin that lives in the sand and eats crustacean larvae, small copepods, algae and deritus.
When alive, the sand dollar is covered with fine hair and it can move slowly.
When it dies it can wash on the beach without any covering anymore.
And then one sees something exceptionally perfect and astounding.
Something that is perfect in its design, in its symmetry, in its decoration.

In the past, on the beach of El Triple, sand dollars were frequently found.
And always brought back to the encampment.
Because of their beauty and perfectness, no wonder they managed to play a role in many of the sequences, VISTA pictures and the images of the PS-series.

But over the last few years less and less sand dollars were found.
It became exceptional to find one.

Until this time of retreat.
In the last seven days five beautiful sand dollars have been found.
Somehow they are back.


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