Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby poops in shower

One of the highlights of the day is to drive at around 10 in the morning down from the hill to the first shopping mall of Temecula, California, USA where is a Starbucks Café.
There, a small Café Latte is ordered as well as a chocolate chip cookie.
They happen to have there the New York Times as well: for a hefty price though.

With the cookie, the coffee and the newspaper a table is taken outside to read in the very pleasant Californian weather what is going on in the world, and because it is the New York Times, most particularly in the United States, more precisely in New York City.

It is a very well written newspaper and beautiful even as an object.
With strong black and white photography and noble typography.

It takes many hours to read this newspaper from A to Z so it lasts a few days.

Yesterday they had a remarkable story about an environmentalist in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times.
This environmentalist by the name of Josh Dorfman, is married to a lady that used to work as a stuntwoman: Stephanie Holzman.
Her latest stunt is that they have a baby now.

They live in a situation that they want to be as much as possible in balance with nature.
So, for example, all their furniture is made from recycled wood.
The stairway from reclaimed barn wood.
All the food they eat is organic.
They only use natural cleaning products.
All their personal-care products are organic as well as their clothes.
And then the man publishes books about how to live in balance with nature and his personal experiences.
Like “The lazy environmentalist: Your guide to Easy, Stylish, Green living”.

This couple claims it is going very well with living in balance with nature.
Their CO2 output is minimal.
Except for one thing.
Disposable diapers.
They came to realize that the diapers they buy for their baby son, Pampers, are highly polluting and very environmentally unfriendly.
Diapers are partly made from plastic derived from petroleum.
Too many trees need to be knocked down to supply our newborns with sanitizing protection.
And the gigantic mountain of used diapers is higher than the Mount Everest.

They have been trying other methods of diapers.
Like cotton cloths that are washed after baby has left presents in there.
But they claim this doesn’t work at all.
Maybe it does, but probably washing these cotton cloths is too much trouble?

However, clever as they are, they have developed an effective method to save the planet.
And came up with a system they call “Elimination Communication”
This system implies that they have been studying and learning when their baby is about to pee or poop.
When they see the first signs, they pick him up, rush him to the bathroom and put him in the shower.
There he can pee and poop as much as he likes after which they spray water over him and wash the deposits down the drain.
The boy is a diaper-less baby and trees grow happily because of this.


To learn more about saving the planet by avoiding Pampers, click on


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