Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rolling retreat

It is now two weeks of retreat at El Triple, the abandoned and desolate location on the West coast of Baja California in Mexico.
With on one side the Pacific Ocean and on the other side a desert.
And pelicans flying by in formation.

Concerning supplies, it is still a good time.
Well, of course all the bananas have been eaten.
And the melons and papayas as well.
But this is because they cannot be kept in this warm weather for a long time.

There is still 50 liters (13 gallons) of drinking water.
In two weeks 30 liters (8 gallons) have been used.
With an average of 2 liter per day, the supply will last for at least 25 days.

The main water tank of the Fuso Szulc, water that is used for washing the dishes and the face and hands, containing about 300 liters (80 gallons) is still having 71 % of capacity.
30 % in 14 days means plenty of water for another month.

The large propane tank, supplying gas for cooking and the fridge, is at 56 % of capacity.
Three weeks of propane left.

Dinner is also not really strangling the pilgrim and forcing to go to a supermarket soon.
The strategy is applied of cooking double portions each time.
One is eaten and the other goes into a Ziplock bag into the freezer.
Once the vegetables in the fridge have all been eaten, it is time to eat the frozen food.

A more precarious issue are fruits.
After two weeks there are still grapefruits, mangoes, prunes, apples and pears.
But probably after two more weeks it will be apples only.
Because they can be kept the longest in warm weather.
As of then, it is an apple for breakfast mixed with the oat meal at 07.00 h., an apple at 10.30 h., an apple after lunch at 12.30 h., and an apple after the afternoon walk at 15.00 h.
There are many apples on board.

What also decides how long the Fuso Szulc can stay at El Triple is the hardware.
For the moment everything operates normally.
Although, this analogue clock broke down.
But one can live easily without an analogue clock.
At the place where this clock was is now a Casio World Watch showing the analogue time.

Again every day running is performed.
On Nike Air shoes.
And they are ready to be replaced.
The souls have cracks and one lace hole broke.
But they still serve.
No reason to run away to town.

Then, maybe a human factor decides how long this retreat may take?
Because it is a time now of solitary existence with no other human beings coming close as alone the pilot in the Mexican Air Force Pilatus PC7 airplane flying by sometimes and the fishermen on the shrimp boats far away on the Pacific Ocean.
Maybe a desire develops eventually to want to be among others?

This is the beauty of the current existence.
It is in total freedom that life is lived.
If there is still food on board but the desire starts dominating to want to be with people, immediately the Fuso Szulc will head for the nearest town.
It is life lived from intuition: what feels good is the right way.
And how good El Triple still feels!



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