Friday, October 15, 2010

E.T., you are not welcome!

Probably all of the fervent and loyal blog readers are aware we have the United Nations.
Based in New York they discuss the problems of the world and rarely have adequate solutions.

But the United Nations have sub-divisions too.
Like Unesco and Unoosa.

Now, probably not many fervent and loyal blog readers have ever heard of Unoosa.
Unoosa stands for: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.
And for sure, this is not made up.
It is seriously a body of the United Nations.

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs is headed by a woman from Malaysia called Mazlan Othman.
She is an astrophysicist.

And yesterday the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs was having a General Meeting on cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space.
There Ms. Mazlan Othman made a remarkable statement.
She said in her speech:

“We Earthlings are poorly prepared to respond should there be contact from aliens”

To this statement we should strongly protest!
How come an astrophysicist from Malaysia is allowed to speak for all of us?
Because ask yourself: are you prepared to respond should there be contact from aliens?
Probably many people will be very prepared.
They get their shotgun and shoot the bastard.
Or call the police seeing the intruder.
And many people will have a more peaceful attitude.
Inviting the alien into the living room, offering a cup of tea and asking how it is at home with the family.

Even here at El Triple: a most likely place for aliens to land their flying saucer.
There is nobody to witness the event and there is just one simple and harmless Earthlink to deal with.
Who is most friendly and willing to receive them cordially.
To the contrary of what Ms. Mazlan Othman believes.

But there is a twist to the story.
Ms. Mazlan Othman also says that statistically, extraterrestrial life is a possibility.
And that we could find life, though when discussing extraterrestrial life, it is not always green aliens with large lovely eyes, but most likely bacteria.

Now that changes the matter.
Bacteria from other planets are definitely not welcome here.
They can wipe us out, fervent and loyal blog readers, and then there are no more blogs anymore to read.
And in that sense Ms. Mazlan Othman is right.
When alien bacteria come to Earth, what can we do?
Even now, fighting our own bacteria with antibiotics we are losing the battle.
Conclusion: alien bacteria are not welcome on Earth!

And in fact green aliens with large lovely eyes either.
Imagine, these days the film studios in the San Fernando Valley in California, USA where they make porno movies are closed because of the HIV-Aids virus.
Green aliens with large lovely eyes may carry unknown viruses closing down eventually all of Earth.

Let’s make a huge sign in the Mojave Desert and the Kalahari desert and the Australian desert saying:


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rajendar menen said...

the earth is a tiny planet and almost of no consequence in the milky way. there is a definite possibility of life in outer space far more evolved than us. it is only a matter of time before they find us or we find them. and, yes, any involvement of any kind with 'aliens' will trigger all sorts of global epidemics. it is like releasing pond fish in larger pools of water. there are many consequences. even HIV could have come from primates or from biological warfare (theories -- dont freak out). so life in outer space is indeed a reality and hopefully we will live to see it. maybe, we can have inter-stellar games and sporting events and cooperation in the uses of energy and all that instead of star wars!!