Saturday, October 9, 2010

A crazy woman?

The first morning of the new retreat at El Triple had right away a rather weird experience.
Working early in the morning on the Apple Macbook Pro computer with a cup of Twining’s English breakfast tea and the sun rising from the horizon, suddenly a woman arrived.

A woman of Indian heritage with black hair and an olive colored skin.
Maybe about thirty years old.
Carrying a bag and a blanket.

This was a huge surprise: in the thirty years time has been spend at El Triple, never a single woman has been coming by.
And this on foot.

This location is far away from any settlement: the nearest village would need half a day of walking.
Sometimes an old battered up pick up truck may come by: usually fishermen looking for lost lobster traps.
But by foot never anybody came by, let alone a woman.
Usually it takes weeks and weeks at El Triple before to see another human being.

But this morning a woman who immediately came to the open door of the Fuso Szulc.
Asking for water.
She had an old Gatorade bottle with a little water left.

Very soon it became clear it was a confused woman.
Irrational and incoherent.
Not able to answer questions like where she lived and where she came from.
Instead rattling about factories and other nonsense subjects.

She spotted a cool box with grapefruits and asked if she could have one.
And then started to take off her clothes.

Obviously she had been sleeping on the beach.
Her blanket was still full of sand.
And her hair wild and face unwashed.
Off came her sweater to reveal a tanktop.
She had large breasts free to be.
Then she took off her pants and underneath she was wearing a pair of long shorts.
Obviously the rising sun made her warm.
The clothes went into her bag and while continuing to talk about things maybe in the universe of spirits make sense, she prepared to continue her walk.
She was asked if a picture could be made of her but this was not of her liking.

Then she took off.
Continuing her walk.
Who is confused?


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