Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smoking out helps

Returned to the world that surrounds the Fuso Szulc.
A different temperature, a different culture, a different life style.
A situation where things are done with intensity as if worshiping life.
Every activity a celebration.

Returning to the Fuso Szulc also brings back memories.
Of the last three months that life was in the expedition vehicle together with the Queen of Dreams.
Remembering that time in all harmony now and with enough distance in time and away from emotions made a disrupting conclusion follow.
It was an awful time.
From the beginning.
To the end.
Although a strong effort was made, nothing can be remembered that was really nice.
All experiences were having difficulty, complexity and disharmony.

The fervent and loyal blog readers should keep in mind though that here and now the Queen of Dreams is not being blamed.
It is not about who was responsible.
If a person has Borderline Personality Disorder it depends how a partner respond to it how happy life together will be.
Obviously the pioneering photographer was unable to deal with it appropriately and effectively.
And has learned important lessons.
Like lesson number one.
No person ever will be invited anymore to come and live in the Fuso Szulc and experience the specific and unique life style and locations that are visited unless that person has been known for enough time to be assured there are no unknown sides to the personality.

Now symbolic ceremonies are taking place in the Fuso Szulc to chase out the evil spirits that came to it this Spring to have the center where life evolves pure and natural as it used to be.



Jo said...

Had a similar experience as you in one of my Baja adventure trips. Not being as tolerant as you, I purchased in Mulege a one way bus ticket home for said traveling companion. Felt like I had to fumigate or eradicate evil spirits from yon home on wheels. Thereafter, peace and harmony returned and the rest of the trip was great. Hope yours is too.

raj said...

when two people share a tiny space, it is very difficult to keep the intensity, even camaraderie, alive. many of my friends who have done long voyages in yachts returned to split up for ever. it is no one's fault. it is the way it is. for writers and creative people, the solitary life is the best. you can seek out excitement when you need it and then return to your shell.