Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A beautiful horse.

Yesterday the unimaginable phenomenon happened of loosing one’s mind.
Of dumping it into the toolbox to get it out only when playing a game of chess.
Controlling the mind by serious meditations and physical exercises.

Immediate result was to become aware of reality in a totally different way.
Suddenly the beauty was observed of everything surrounding.
No thoughts about pollution, mass tourism, ecological disasters, climate change and the ending war in Iraq came to mind because there simply was no mind.

What was observed was the beauty of the flowers.
The eternity of the sea.
The deep blue of the sky.
The comfort of the warm temperature.
The birds singing in the trees.
The wind gently touching the tanned skin.
The body moving in unison with the universal constellation of harmony.

And a long meditative moment was spend in front of this gorgeous horse.

What a horse!
What a fabulous animal!!
Look at the warm brown colour of his fur.
The noble line of his neck.
The strong legs.
The attentive ears.
The playful tail and mane.
The peaceful eyes and their looking into eternity.
The majesty the horse is expressing by just being there as he is.

But then the mind spoiled it all by asking: “Why is one of his legs so short?”


Anonymous said...

YIKES! and then he thought about pollution, tourism, terrorism, war, etc.

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh to start the morning.

Anonymous said...

That horse must really like you!!!!!

Robert Hill said...

"Our thoughts create our world" What a beautiful Day!!

Anonymous said...

You are SO funny !

Anonymous said...

What the $#@#!