Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walking the dangerous dog.

At around noon it is time for lunch.
Each day what is being eaten for lunch is the same.
Two slices of toasted whole grain bread with 0% fat margarine and exotic cheese.
And two slices of toasted whole grain bread with low sugar raspberry jam.
Accompanied by a glass of V8 vegetable drink diluted with 50 % of purified water.
Finishing the lunch with an apple.

After the lunch a thorough brushing of the teeth is performed rinsing with Listerine and next a highlight of the day is coming up.
The daily siesta.
Next to the Fuso Santek is a camping bed and it is there that the siesta takes place.
In the sunshine shaded from the wind.

The interesting part of the siesta is to observe how the mind step by step starts to dysfunction.
The thoughts are becoming illogical.
Making no more sense.
It is like being on a LSD trip.

Magically, each day, after exactly half an hour, the sleep of the siesta stops.
Never the siesta takes longer and this is not by the own will.
Somehow a clock inside decides that half an hour will do.

After the siesta, the daily walk on the beach.
For more than an hour.

Yesterday it was contemplated, inspired by the tragic barking and whaling of Gorba seeing Alfredo leave on his horse again, why not take Gorba on the daily post-siesta walks?
He could be on a leash because if he was free, he might see a herd of goats in the dunes and take off to go and kill one.
Being in a rage no way he would listen to any instruction of remaining on the side of the master.

It was also considered that maybe life would get more tragic for the dog being allowed to come on a walk.
Inconsequence would enter his life and it would become illogic.
He would think that being chained to the tree was not a permanent state anymore.
And start even barking and whaling more.
But then it was thought that if he were to come on the daily walk each day at the same time, he would understand soon the scheme of things.

A good and strong rope was found, Gorba attached and off to the beach.

Fortunately his pulling was not too bad: he has learned from the chain that it hurts to just run into freedom when limited by a rope.

However, Gorba has become a bad dog.
These days there are many pelicans on the beach and cruising on the sea near the land.
Gorba is interested in only one thing: to catch a pelican and kill it.
He is obsessed by this idea.
Constantly trying to go after the pelicans.
Of course he has no chance whatsoever, unless a pelican is wounded and unable to fly sitting vulnerably on the beach.
This occurs and it has been seen how Gorba would attack the majestic bird and bite it to death with the obsession of a maniac.

But it is believed that even bad dogs are entitled to a walk on the beach.


Anonymous said...

That dog sounds like a disaster waiting to happen...
It either needs to be trained properly or put out of its misery before it can do some serious damage to a child.

Stephan said...

Michel, ben alsjeblieft voorzichtig. Als Gorba een flinke ruk geeft dan trekt-ie zich los. Je kan zo'n stukje touw nooit meer houden. En een Gorba on the loose is slecht nieuws! Een hond volgt zijn instinct en je kunt hem dus niets kwalijk nemen. De mens heeft hier de verantwoordelijkheid.

Robert Hill said...

Michel, your healthy diet has kept you young. After we met briefly at the Santek factory I asked my friend who was with me how old he thought you were . He guessed 46, I laughed because I knew from your biography that you were born in 1949 and that makes you around 58.

Sangeeta said...

That poor dog is bored to death. If I spent my days confined w/ nothing to do and no one to be my companion, I'd be angry and violent and crazy too. You're good to take him for a walk.