Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gorba, the dog, in heaven !

Late yesterday afternoon Alfredo mounted his horse and accompanied by his other dog, left for a ride in the dry riverbed.
Gorba, still chained to his tree, used to always go with Alfredo.
The dog loves running and is build for it.
He can run for hours and hours.
But yesterday he was not allowed to come and being not too far from the tree where Gorba is chained to, the sounds had to be listen to when a dog feels unhappy and miserable.
If a man happens to have a heart, this is the way to break it.
A dog can express so honestly misery, sadness, unhappiness, regret and emotional pain.

It was wondered whether the wailing of Gorba didn’t touch Alfredo.
How Alfredo could cowboy on his horse while his dog was so much in distress.

Fortunately, some hours later, Alfredo was “accidentally” met.
It was proposed to him to free Gorba when Alfredo would go on his horse for a ride so that the dog could enjoy some freedom and have some physical exercise.

Alfredo is a man who has respect.
This has come because of a friendship of over 25 years and because at each new visit to the rancho his favourite sweet, guava candy, is brought for him as a present.
But most of all the respect comes from an event that happened some years ago.
Alfredo has been married twice and has children with each woman.
One of the children was Freddy.
A beautiful boy who was seen grow up into a splendid and fine Mexican.
One day he was seen with his father while together they were fixing rope to make a lasso.
It was a beautiful scene of harmony between a father and a son and of knowledge being transferred from one generation to the next.
Wonderful pictures were made of that scene now in the photo-archive kept in Warsaw, Poland.

Not long after, to everybody’s surprise, Freddy, this fine boy, committed suicide.
Nobody could understand why he did that, which made it even more painful and hard to accept.

Alfredo was devastated.
He found a shoulder to cry on and as much comfort as possible was given to him.

Some time later Alfredo remembered these pictures that were made of him and Freddy and asked a copy to remember his deceased son.
Some beautiful prints were made and respectfully offered to Alfredo.
When some years later a hurricane destroyed all his possessions, he got a new set.

This, Alfredo never forgot so when he is talked to about having Gorba free when he goes horse riding, he is giving it his serious attention.
Alfredo agreed that this could be done: Gorba coming along and free of the chain at least some of the time.

In the evening, when eating with Gumaro and his wife and children and grandchildren and friends, suddenly Gorba appeared from the dark.
Somehow he was free!
On the way back to the Fuso Santek, a light was on at Alfredo’s house.
He was in bed on the porch listening to a report on the radio of an important soccer match.
When surprise was expressed about Gorba being free, he explained that because all the goats were safely in the corral and nobody around who Gorba could bite in the legs or arms, he could be free.

A major result of diplomatic negotiations was achieved.
It gave this Kissinger feeling.

Gorba is a different dog now.
Happy and jumping and running like a young cow entering the spring meadow after a long winter in the stable.

He accompanied from Alfredo’s house to the Fuso Santek remembering probably the good times he has had at that location on other occasions.

This morning, rising before the sun was up, guess who was sitting right in front of the Fuso Santek screen door?

Mr. Gorba himself wagging his tail and enjoying another happy moment in his dog life.

Later, Alfredo came with a rope in his hand.
The goats were going to leave the corral and visitors might come to the rancho.
Better to have Gorba protected against himself for the day.

It is hoped this will be as of now the modus vivendi reached with Alfredo.
That Gorba is chained during the day and free when it is dark.


Stephan said...


To be honest, I have been thinking of Gorba all day. Call me a sentimental fool, but an unhappy dog really moves me. Some years ago we had to put down a healthy 5 year old labrador which became uncuntrollable aggressive towards other dogs. Very un-labrador like. We tried everything, but the only workable solution would have been keeping her on a leash, even when walking, or always fitted with an nozzle (muilkorf). So it was decided with much heart felt pain to put her to sleep, to spare her a non-dog-like life.
This was what I was thinking of yesterday in my commment, so when I read the title of the new blog entry I was thinking of a real heaven. But your story is really good news. It looks as if Gorba is really pleased and can have some quality time.
In the pictures he looks afraid sometimes (tail between the legs when getting leashed). Was he somewhere in his life mistreated?

Robert Hill said...

Thanks, you write beautifully about life, Robert

Anonymous said...

Today, I am happy for Gorba. Your stories about him have torn my heart. Also, the pookeys. I have often wondered what became of them. Will you continue to feed Gorba when the food you brought runs out? Will you give him his night-time freedom when Alfredo is at his girlfriend's house.

You obviously have a big heart and would be a good doggy dad. Having a dog on your travels would definately keep you company to keep you from feeling lonely. You would never have a more loyal companion. I realize it would interfere with the free-spirited lifestyle you lead but the joy you would receive and give to a dog might be worth the trouble.

I love your blog and your work, especially your sequences series.