Friday, April 6, 2007

Twice Sara, twice Jesus.

Sharing all the experiences currently having with the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle build by Santek Trailers from Riverside, California, USA, results in fervent and loyal blog readers responding with comments of concern and advice.
It must be specifically said here and now that those comments are highly appreciated, are very much encouraging, are morale boosters and give a warm feeling of sharing and togetherness.

It is realized that the Fuso Santek is a wonderful expedition vehicle.
A great pleasure to travel and to live in.
The current issues are temporary and not stopping the travelling.

Last night was dinner in a restaurant in Santa Rosalia with good friend George.
It was great to see George in person again.
Because it is a more intimate George compared to the one as we know from his website.
It was like two artists from the circus meeting backstage.
Talking about things of which we are too shy to put on our blogs.

This morning, we had a look at two issues concerning the Fuso Santek.
First the issue of having no lights.
Good friend George brought out his electrical analysing tool, got access to the Fuso Santek electrical circuit by unscrewing the license plate lamp and discovered that the circuit was corrupted.

In the fuse box it was discovered that the fuse for the taillights was blown.
But also was discovered that another fuse had its cover broken.

Good friend George’s electrical analysing tool explained that in the circuit of the lights was a short circuit.
Somewhere among the many cables something is wrong and causing the fuse to blow.
To find where exactly the problem is would take an expert and maybe even partly dismantling of panels.
With good friend George a powwow was held and it was decided that it would be the best to leave it as it is.
As long as the Fuso Santek is not driving at night or in heavy fog, there is no problem.
Obviously the Fuso Santek needs to return to Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA, and over there they will be able to find out what is causing the fuse to blow.

Next the problem of the water tanks was studied.
Good friend George proposed to fill the tanks and see on the “See Level”-monitors if the two tanks would fill now that the breather hoses are closed off.
Result was that the tanks fill only to about 70 % capacity.
It is clear now that breathing is needed.
Once in La Paz a long hose will be purchased and connected between one of the exits of the second water tank and the breathing connection of the water-filling unit in the side of the Fuso Santek.

While being occupied with the different issues currently occurring with the Fuso Santek it was found that all the screws of the cargo doors were broken.
It is like a disease.
They all break off.

Good friend George thinks this is because of inferior quality of the screws.
Where possible we replaced screws of cargo doors hinges with screws coming from George’s Tioga motor home ‘s roof.
But it will be an issue to look at when Fuso Santek returns to Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA.

Men are not good in saying goodbye.
Good friend George went north and the Fuso Santek went south.

Down in the small town of Santa Rosalia Jesus was met.
On Good Friday, the local population enact the story of Jesus.
How he was crucified.
The travel south was interrupted immediately to witness and document this tradition.

While documenting Jesus and Pontius Pilates, in the crowd a remarkable couple was spotted standing out.
A most attractive woman and an elegant male partner.
Obviously not Americans by the way they were dressed.
While he was making pictures of Jesus with an old fashioned analogue camera, she was talking to him looking like if she was complaining.
Settling a conflict.
Rubbing in something.
Seeing Jesus being crowned with thorns was equal to that beautiful couple not enjoying life but conflicting.

Santa Rosalia was left and after about half an hour driving, in a small village, Jesus was met again.
He was on the cross now.
Immediately it was decided to stop to document this performance.
But right in front of the Fuso Santek was a rental car with the beautiful couple.
And they had exactly the same intention.
Stop and witness the performance of Jesus dying on the cross.
We both parked our vehicles and many pictures were taken of this characteristic Easter celebration.

After Jesus had died and was carried away the couple was approached.
They were Spanish.
He a health consultant and she a journalist.
Living in Mexico City.
Her name was Sara.
And being a journalist a close connection with her grew within minutes.
During the fascinating conversation she lifted her arms and stretched them up in the Mexican air so that her breasts became more prominent and a luxurious view was offered of her shaved armpits, which is one of the two ultimate sensations.
She said: “When I saw your camper in Santa Rosalia I thought: FUCK.”
Women like Sara make the life of a Nomad, having to drive for hours solo afterwards, very difficult.

Reaching Ciudad Constitucion in the late afternoon, “El Balneario”was remembered.
In the dessert, it is a magical place because there is plenty of water.
Like an oasis.
People from Ciudad Constitucion come to “El Balneario” to spend the day but it closes at 5 pm.
As there is a simple area for RV’s to spend the night, this is where the Fuso Santek came to a rest for this day.
Because it closes for the general public at 5 pm, being the single RV, the place was like private.
“El Balneario” has an Olympic sized swimming pool and intensive swimming was performed to release the tensions Sara had managed to create.

The Fuso Santek arrived for the night at "El Balneario"


Anonymous said...

Why no pics of this Sara ?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think you should turn around and head back to Riverside. I'd have the whole electrical and brake system checked ASAP! One thing you don't want is to smash into a car full of Mexican Children because of your faulty brakes...
Those problems aren't going to just go away.

Anonymous said...

Hello again from England,
Don't you miss the fact that you can't drive away in case of danger at night without being obliged to exit the living area.
Some kind of pass thru window would allow you to drive away, now you are traped in the box.
The nice Japanese girl needs some vacation, she should be invited to Mexico ;)

Joe said...

I agree, not a single pic of this enchantress?
And, I also agree with the second poster, you need to go back to Riverside and get the bugs worked out. Not to back seat drive, but many people who buy RV's go on a short trip or two to see what needs to be fixed.