Sunday, April 15, 2007

A life without problems

Numerous responses were received of fervent and loyal female blog readers expressing gratitude for the beautiful flowers they were offered yesterday.
But also several messages of fervent and loyal male blog readers asking what was in it for them.

It is not really possible yet in our societies to offer flowers to gentlemen, except on their graves, therefore to keep balance and peace among the fervent and loyal blog readers today is a special presentation for the gentlemen.

It is a picture of Alfredo.
He was clearing the bushes around the rancho and got hit by a branch.
We remember that Alfredo is the official owner of the chained dog Gorba.

Today’s blog presents two technical aspects of the Fuso Santek.

In a RV we need electricity.
This can come in two ways.
From the batteries or from a city hook-up.
Therefore each RV is equipped with a charger.
This instrument changes the 110-volt to 12 volt to charge the RV batteries.
Often we also need an inverter.
This is an instrument changing 12 volt into 110 volts.
This we use to operate appliances in the RV running on 110 volt but having as a source the 12-volt batteries.

The Fuso Santek is equipped with a Magnum Energy ME 2512 inverter/charger.
Installed in one of the cargo areas of the Fuso Santek.

This instrument is specially designed for rugged RV usage and has a 3-year warranty.
It is very sophisticated and has many options and features.

The control panel of the Magnum Energy ME 2512 inverter/charger

The options liked are that when using the inverter one may run the batteries down too low damaging them fatally.
The Magnum Energy ME 2512 has a build in protection method stopping inverting in case the voltage of the batteries gets too low.
Another nice feature is the “Battery Saver”-mode when charging the batteries.
It maintains the batteries without overcharging thus preventing excessive loss of water in flooded batteries
And it checks the temperature of the batteries to control charging according to that measurement.

The second technical aspect of the Fuso Santek presented today is the Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller.

This device controls the output of electricity coming from the six solar panels on the roof of the Fuso Santek.
This Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller can handle up to 600 watts solar power and because the six solar panels of the Fuso Santek have a maximum output of 550 watts, the Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller is up to the job.

The control panel of the Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller.

There are three stages of charging the batteries and two boosting methods.
And what really neat is that the Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller sends 5 amps to the batteries of the truck keeping them in good shape.
Very important when camped in one spot for a long time.

One of the starting points designing the Fuso Santek was to keep things as simple as possible.
One of the main purposes of travelling in a Fuso Santek and living a nomadic life as a pioneering photographer is to not being occupied by technical issues arising from the expedition vehicle.
Breakdowns, malfunctioning and complications are in the end not interesting but most of all, keeping time, energy and attention away from what is truly vital.
It can never be forgotten what is vital: to continue unobtrusively with the inner growing process through being creative in images and words.

Quality products like the Magnum Energy ME 2512 inverter/charger and the Heliotrope HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller therefore fit perfectly in this philosophy: they do their work without needing any attention.

This posting was not sponsored by Magnum Energy or Heliotrope.

To learn more about the Magnum Energy ME 2512 inverter/charger, click on

To learn more about the HPV-30DR Solar Charge Controller, click on


Anonymous said...

You are right! That was written for the male readers. The most boring ever for us females.

Sangeeta said...

LOL...v. manly post.

jarnis said...

Loved that post!! Arrrgh!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Best one yet.
What kind of Solar Panels are on the Fuso Santek ?