Monday, April 23, 2007

God is a DJ

Let’s meet Ismael Gonzales.
The happy 23 year old son of Gumaro and Ketcha Gonzales living on Rancho Boca del Salado in Baja California, Mexico.

Ismael is the one who trucks water to the houses of the Americans living in the vicinity of the rancho.
In a former posting on this blog it has been explained the influx of Americans in this desert area and their need for water.
Taking their life style with them to Mexico, these Americans need about 333 litter (88 gallons) of water per day per person.
An enormous amount but this is what is needed when taking baths, showers, watering the plants and trees, filling the swimming pool, using the washing machine, the dishwasher and flushing the toilet.

This 333 litter (88 gallons) per day per American is based on the record Ismael is keeping of his transports of water.
Two persons living in one house request two transports per month.
Ismael’s truck takes 10.000 litres (2.650 gallons) at a cost to the customer of 400 Pesos (36,50 $).

This truck for the transport of water the Gonzales family bought 8 months ago.
The one they had before gave up.
Because the roads are unpaved, cars and trucks pay a heavy toll negotiating the potholes and washboard-ribbed surface.
The truck they have now, second hand, was costing them 12.000 $ and they pay for it in monthly instalments.

Ismael makes about 6 trips a day, 7 days a week.
He fills the tank of the truck from the well with a pump and drives to the house of the customer.

The pump lasts for only about 8 months.
Then they need to buy a new one costing 1.000 $.

Ismael is not getting a salary or any other payment for his daily work.
The family is an economic community.
The customers pay Ismael, each of them pays correctly and in time, and Ismael gives the money to his father.
Whatever Ismael needs, his parents buy for him.
He says: “ My father’s money is my money as well”.

Ismael is a very modest chap.
He sleeps outside under a palm leaves roof.

Ismael is never complaining.
Never whining.
Always doing his work without protesting.
Always happy and smiling.

It’s like Ismael heard PINK singing her famous song:

“If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you're given
It's all how you use it”.


robert Hill said...

I wish my life was that simple, all our desires complicate things,

sqtruong said...

Don't you think you are too hard on the American? They are not there just to take advantage of the Mexicans; Both sides benefit from the relationship.

You talked about spoiled Americans? Are you not spoiled? Did you buy 3 brand new RVs (a truck camper, the Lazy Daze, and you current Fuso) in just a few years?

You don't have high opinion about Americans, yet all three of your RVs are products of those very same people you're criticizing!

Anonymous said...

I think the family should reconsider their pricing policy. If their overhead is based on U.S. $, then it seems to me they are selling their water for less than what it is worth. If these "Ugly Americans" are as rich as you say, then they will not argue about a modest increase.

I agree that the Americans have to have added some needed $$$$ to the local economy.

Luvglass said...

There's a huge dichotomy between the countries. From the Mexican side he has a pretty nice business, almost $80,000 a year. Since the average worker only earns about $4 a day, he's doing quite well and can afford to buy a new truck and pump every year.

That said, F*** the Gringos. The pricing is much too low. I think you could raise the prices 20% evey 4 months and the customers will never get around to investing in the desalinization plants.

Help your friends,


Anonymous said...

If you don't like us North Americans, why do you keep coming back to the USA?
I think I'll write a letter to my government, tell them about you and your blog and ask them to not let you back into our country.
I'm not sure you're not some kind of spy.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I think you will have a hard time re entering the USA

Robert Hill said...

Michel, I'm sure you keep returning to the U.S, because you have many friends here. I laugh at the anonymous narrow minded writer that threatens to keep you out of the USA, LOL! I work for the federal Govt. and I have friends in Customs at the San diego crossing. I am semiretired and I will personally drive down and clear up any false accusations filed by your anonymous reader. But that won't be necessary because Anonymous Narrow Minded little men rarely follow through with thier threats, Robert Hill