Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday friend Stan came by.
Stan is Professor Stanislaw Ludicrosko from the University of Sarajewo in Bosnia Herzegowina and he has a world reputation for his accomplishments in the studies of brain wave patterns in animals.
In his sophisticated laboratory in King Franz Ferdinand Street in Sarajewo he recently invented and developed the AMR.
As many fervent and loyal blog readers will know, AMR stands for Animal Mind Reader and is a device with which the electric pulses occurring in the brain of animals when they are thinking can be received with the help of a complicated antenna.
Next, in a mobile module these electric pulses are processed.

Stan, Professor Stanislaw Ludicrosko, had brought the latest prototype to Punta Boca del Salado and having animals here around it was an excellent opportunity to test the AMR. The Animal Mind Reader.

The device consists of a large box in which all the electronica and the energy source to operate the AMR.
In here is also the housed the modulators, transformers and the inverters.

The way it works, in terms we are able to understand, is that the electric impulses occurring in an animal head are received by the special antenna and through a cable guided into the module box where the electric impulses are inverted and transformed into English.

One of the most intelligent horses Gumaro is having goes by the name of Bombillo and this smart animal was put to the test.
He was safely and relaxed in his corral and together with Stan, Professor Stanislaw Ludicrosko, the module box and the antenna was put within the field around Bombillo where his electric pulses from his brain could reach the special antenna.

After 5 minutes, inside the module box the results of the interesting experiment were found.
It could be read what Bombillo had been thinking and it is a privilege to share this information with all loyal and fervent blog readers.
This is the text generated; what the horse Bombillo was thinking:

“ Who are those people ?
That tall and skinny one I have seen here before but that smaller, exotic one with the beard is new to me.
And what is their intention holding this umbrella near my head ?
To keep the flies away or what ?
Better they bring me some hay.
Anyway, it is about time they also take me for a ride into the mountains.
It is 5 days now I am wasting my life here in this bloody corral.”

Pretty amazing stuff, isn’t it ?

Next, it was believed to be extremely interesting to test the AMR, the Animal Mind Reader, on Tonkey.
Tonkey is Gumaro’s dog.
A bulldog of some sort.
He is rather peculiar because his front legs have no idea what his back legs are doing.
When Tonkey is walking or running, it is a demonstration of total lack of coordination and it is a miracle he is even able to get somewhere.

Anyway, Tonkey was lured towards the AMR.

The module was switched on and this is what came out of Tonkey:

“G;ohfgooif l.jhf .kjh 8345hiof kjsdh 233BC R.KJH ;H F ,H FXJKJGXELIUWEGX hgfkj qkjfcg;a jhc ,qjhgf qlhg lhgf liu ,g lg rqfg hj lqeuyrgf ,nbbg b kjhbvk .kj vhbbv aj bk gfvbfhbkjb vkf kjg,j lg vh “
You, as a fervent and loyal blog reader, may agree with Tonkey but Professor Stanislaw Ludicrosko declared he still had some work to do sophisticating the inverter for bulldogs.

This posting was not sponsored by the University of Sarajewo.

To learn more about the important work of Professor Stanislaw Ludicrosko, click on:


Kathryn said...

I put my foxy head on the antenna and this is what came out: "Your calendar is 24 days off!" Then a hyena started off in the distance. I have "bear"ly recovered!

Anonymous said...

Why is that horse thinking in English, and why does he have an accent? I think you all need to get out of the sun for awhile, and take a break. By the way, Happy Birthday Michel!

robert Hill said...

Find some shade and stay there!! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Bull Shit !!

Still Laughing Kathryn said...

Wooo-eeee! Don't know whether I laughed harder at your post or the TC video!!!! Two/Too funny guys!
P.S. Happy Birthday - hope you had a GREAT day -- you sure brightened mine!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm April 1 is long past.