Monday, April 16, 2007

Killing somebody

He doesn’t exactly remember how he killed her.
But he knows he did.
And he knows he has hidden her body under the floor in the basement.

He lives with all the other people around him and nobody knows he killed her.
Nobody can even see he killed her.
He keeps it his personal secret.

They are all friendly with him while he thinks that if they knew he was a murderer they would treat him much differently.

He has this constant fear that they will discover the body of the woman he murdered.
And that an investigation might lead to him.
That they will find out it was him who killed her and buried her under the floor of the basement.

In his mind he goes over all the details of the murder to check if there might be a clue for investigators to discover it was he.
He is very worried about that.
He is not sure the traces are not going to show it was he.
Not sure he did not make any mistake committing the crime.

So he lives with this constant knowledge that he killed a person.
And he lives in this constant fear they might find out.
The hardest though is to be who people think he is while he knows he is different.

We all have dreams.
And someone who pays attentions to the dreams comes to realize that some dreams recur.
For reasons not always understood specific dreams repeat themselves over time.

The dream of knowing to have killed someone while nobody else is aware of the crime and having to live in fear that the cadaver might be discovered, is a very common dream.
Many people have this dream.
Even some of the fervent and loyal blog readers might recognize this dream and become aware they are not the only ones experiencing this nightmare-like dream.

What is the meaning of this dream?
Why would someone dream to have killed a person in such a realistic way that when waking up for some time it is actually believed the crime has been committed?

There are people who specialise to explain dreams.
Many books have been written what dreams mean.
The explanation for this particular dream, having killed someone, a dream very common with human beings, can easily be found in books and even on the Internet.
But explanations of dreams are equal to religion: you have to believe in it.
For explanations of dreams or religion are no scientific and rational proves.

Therefore a better conclusion is to think that dreams are simply a game of our mind.
The mind playing with us.
The mind, such an expert in making us feel afraid for nothing, making us feel insecure when there are no reasons for it, making us feel disturbed, out of balance, complicating things in our lives, unsettling us and often making us feel inferior.
Any time spend looking for an adequate explanation of a dream makes the mind enjoy its game with us even more.

It is about time we put the mind in its right place.
In a spot where it cannot disturb us anymore.
It can serve us all right, like when we play a game of chess, but besides that it must remain in the toolbox.
Down with the mind!
Let it join Gorba and be chained to the tree as well!!

There is only one way to keep the mind in its proper place.


Robert Hill said...

Meditation and Physical exercise, the mind will follow a healthy body. I have never seen a crazy person that ran 5 miles a day.,,,It's time for my run! , Robert

Anonymous said...

What has gotten into you Michel? It is not like you to ramble on about such foolishness. Get your head back into life, and forget about death in a dream. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Hillary and myself, we read your blog every day and enjoy it very much. William J.B. Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Me too. George W. Bush

Fred Wishnie said...

We have a phrase in America to describe what I think is bothering you.

"You need to get laid"

Fred Wishnie

Jo said...

Wow, Michel, you are scaring me. I've always enjoyed reading your blog because I think you are a little crazy in a funny quirky kind of way, and I like that. But today's post makes me wonder if you might be the kind of person who could actually do what you say you are just dreaming. And wonder if one of these days I'm going to be hearing about you on the news. Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

BAD TIMING !! Scary too ...