Saturday, April 28, 2007

Do not read this posting.

This posting must begin with a warning.
It will be about a rather disgusting subject.
About something we don’t wish to talk about.
A taboo.
A subject that maybe several loyal and fervent blog readers will be highly embarrassed about.

If you are about to eat something, it is strongly suggested to return for reading this posting and seeing the pictures at a better moment in your life.
In case you are still innocent and pure, there is no better moment.

Make up your mind because from here on a most shocking and disgusting issue will be brought to our attention.

Do not send anonymous comments later full of accusations and complaints: you have been warned.
It is your own responsibility from now on.

The Lazy Daze motor home was equipped with a Dometic Sealand toilet.
Having a wooden seat, a China ceramic bowl and a separate flush shower.
A very convenient toilet and comfortable too.
A pleasure to use and sit on.

When in the planning stage of the Fuso Santek it was mentioned to have exactly the same Dometic Sealand toilet build into the expedition vehicle as was so successfully used in the Lazy Day motor home.

At this point in time it is impossible to analyse why this suggestion has not been followed up: building a custom-made expedition vehicle is a complex process.
But instead of a Dometic Sealand toilet a Thetford toilet was installed.
At the time this was not considered as something of any importance.
OK, the Thetford had a plastic seat, not a wooden one like the Sealand, but it did have a ceramic bowl and a separate flush shower.

However, having used the Thetford toilet for some time now, besides the flush shower leaking, a major, fundamental flaw has been experienced with this toilet.

It is very delicate to have to explain this flaw and because probably never anyone did, the problem has never been faced and solved.

Let’s say that Thetford toilets are made for women.
Not for men.
This has to do with the shape of the bowl.

More in detail now and there is still the opportunity to quit reading and tend to watering your geraniums.

Men come in different sizes.
Let’s say, to simplify, in S, M, X and XL.
It is a simple matter of logic that if a man has a height making him fall into category X and up, his body parts are equally sized.
Like his fingers.
An X or XL man most likely has long fingers.
Now when discussing Thetford’s toilet bowl we are not focusing on fingers of course.
But focusing on another body part of a man playing a role in the activity when a Thetford toilet bowl is needed.

The issue is that to the water already present in the Thetford toilet bowl the two ingredients are added inherent to a bathroom visit.
Because the exit of the Thetford bowl is closed off, we see a mixture of liquids and submarines congregate down there.
In case you are still there, we know that it is logic that the liquid level has therefore been rising considerably.
And because of the shape of the Thetford toilet bowl, the level reaches a height where the part of the X, XL or European man is hanging down.
The liquid and the X or XL part actually touch.

This is an awfully bad thing, very loyal and fervent blog readers.
To begin with, it is not exactly a pleasant feeling.
To the contrary, it is disgusting to feel X or XL bathing in that liquid.
But more important, it is threatening the health of the whole family.
Easily, in this way, an infection can occur.
Vicious bacteria finding a home in X or XL and in case of the man having a happy life, transmitting it to the females among us.

It is all because of the shape of the bowl.
Don’t put a cruise ship in a swimming pool.
Thetford should have designed the bowl in a way that where X or XL is positioned enough space is available.
Like the folks of Sealand have been understanding so well.
So the toilet is usable not only for the girls but for the big boys also.

In a few weeks the Fuso Santek will return to Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA.
Several issues will be corrected and this is one of them.
No matter what the costs and who will take responsibility for it, the Thetford toilet must go.

Now the pictures which tell it all!

The Dometic Sealand toilet and notice the design of the bowl.
Deep and roomy at the front where it matters:

The Thetford toilet bowl.
A nightmare for the European men and X or XL Americans.

The Thetford as mounted in the Fuso Santek

More deeper into the Thetford bowl.
Notice there is already some water there, partly responsible for the high level later.

This is before any submarines entered the waters.
Imagine how high the liquid level will rise when they join in!

Wrong shape.
Disastrous consequences.

Having come to the end of this posting, conclusion is that you are not only a loyal and fervent blog reader, but very brave as well.


This posting was not sponsored by Dometic nor Thetford.

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Robert Hill said...

I always tuck mine into my sock before I sit down to take care of buisness,keeps it out of the water and off the floor, just a thought, Robert

Anonymous said...

Just tie it in one rather loose and properly positioned knot before you sit down. You'll get the hang of it with a little practice.

Joe said...

Big feet, big hands, I guess I'm 2 for 3 and don't have the same problem you do.

Fred said...


Ron Mack said...

My Mother, partiall handicapped with arthiritis has a hard time getting up or down on the low toilet stool. Therefore she bought a "riser" (out of the lack of a better description) that simply sits on the rim and thereby raises her up about 5 inches above the normal height. That would certainly remedy the situation for me (maybe not yourself). Good Luck

Anonymous said...

finish #1, then sit for #2. while working on #2, let X hang out of the bowl...

Anonymous said...

You sit???