Saturday, April 14, 2007

A special day for Ismaël and for you.

Usually horses sleep from midnight until early morning.
If a horse feels comfortable in its situation it will lie down, called the “lateral recumbency”.

This horse of the Gonzales family certainly feels comfortable in the corral while it is still during the day.

Trees grow in soil where is sunshine and water.
This tree near the Gonzales rancho decided to grow not in soil, but between rocks on a vertical slope.

Meanwhile the regular and daily activities on the rancho of the Gonzales family continue dictated by the laws of nature.
Each day their cows produce milk therefore each day cheese is being made.
Today Ketcha Gonzales was assisted by her beautiful daughter Christina.

Extraordinary and wonderful observations made at Punta Boca del Salado and maybe Ismaël’s birthday was also outside regular traditions.

His 23rd birthday is on Sunday but because many family and friends were at the rancho on Friday, that day was chosen as the day for the celebration.
What does it matter anyway what day exactly a birthday is celebrated?

Many were involved working on the most important thing of the birthday.
The birthday cake.
A gigantic square object of cake with marmalade and a cream cover.

It is all very informal and easy going.
In a happy spirit.

It was a special day for Ismaël last night and today it is a special day for all the female fervent and loyal blog readers.
One of the trees here is in bloom

All female fervent and loyal blog readers are kindly offered a flower.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Michel, for the beautiful flower. May I please use it as my desktop photo on my Mac PowerBook G4? (Don't you just love your pooter?)
A loyal, fervent female and anonymous blog follower.

Sangeeta said...

Thank you for the flower! Quite lovely...I love the color.


Anonymous said...

Its been along time since I have received flowers, and from a man yet. Thanks, you made my day! Not to many men out there that would consider such a thing. Feel special because you are.