Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Fuso Santek has found a temporary haven at Aquamarina Trailer Park in La Paz, Mexico.
One of the most beautiful trailer parks there is and always honoured with stays when in La Paz, Mexico.

This Easter only a few people are staying at Aquamarina Trailer Park.
Two German and a French Canadian couple.
Travelling in a Unimog, a Mercedes and a Volkswagen.

Soon after arriving a European union was established and experiences of travelling shared.

This Sunday Easter morning one of the German ladies came to offer coloured Easter eggs.

Of course the Fuso Santek attracted much attention and had even some visitors.

It was a privilege to share the Datastorm with the fellow Europeans and the French Canadian friend, the former director for Canada of the French publishing company Galimard and now a raspberry grower in a part of the world where in winter temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees Centigrade. (Minus 104 Fahrenheit).
The Datastorm is protected by a password to avoid that through WIFI just anybody gets on the Internet using the Fuso Santek satellite system.
Reason is that anybody using the Fuso Santek system results in it slowing down.
Quickly the password was handed out to all of the fellow Aquamarina inhabitants and soon everyone was at their laptops.
It was impressing to learn that the WIFI of the Datastorm system of the Fuso Santek was reaching with a radius of at least 50 meters. (164 feet)
Friend Andreas, who was met already some years ago, appreciated being able to get on internet by offering a bottle of Charles Shaw’s 2005 Merlot and later other European friends brought a (motor)home made strawberry cake with fresh whipped cream.

Today the project was to cover the raw aluminium roof of the Fuso Santek with special liquid plastic roof covering purchased at Richardson’s RV shop in Riverside, California.

A horrible ordeal because the scoliosis responds to this kind of activities with heavy and violent pains.
This is tragic because it could be such a pleasure to care for the Fuso Santek and with great joy apply a roof cover.
But when strong pains sabotage the activity, no pleasure can be experienced.
But giving up or abandoning the activity is not in the scenario and in spite of the serious suffering the job was done.

To have to lie down on a flat surface for half an hour to recuperate while thinking that it is so fantastic that the most two essential activities in life, of which one is making pictures, are not influenced by the scoliosis.

Several fervent and loyal blog readers have been sending messages with advices about the issue of the Fuso Santek’s water tanks.
All agree there is only one solution.
To hook up all the vent hoses to the vent opening of the water filling station.
As an extra service to all the fervent and loyal blog readers a rudimentary scheme of how to connect all the hoses is being kindly offered.

Tomorrow morning a visit will be paid to the hardware store to collect all the necessary parts and next it is getting under the Fuso Santek to fix her overflowing problem.

Meanwhile, amazingly, what seemed to be technical failure, like the breaking down of the XM radio cradle, turns out to be an opening to new exciting experiences.
Instead of listening to XM radio now the available option of listening to CD’s is enjoyed.
The incredible Beethoven piano concertos in the morning, so much more spectacular than Chopin’s sentimentality, and in the night testing the shock absorbers of the Fuso Santek dancing with the music of The Shamen’s Boss Drum.

Late in the afternoon a long beach walk.
After a few minutes in the walk, in an area where many Mexicans had been Easter picnicking, two abandoned puppies were spotted.
Left behind.

To die or to have all the luck in the world to be picked up by caring people.
The experience with the Pookeys came back to mind: fervent and loyal blog reader will remember these two adorable puppies found in the middle of the road near the Gonzales Rancho at Punta Boca del Salado.
Sometimes a Chopin feeling dominates missing these Pookeys.
And now these two.
The walk continued and after more than an hour returned to the place where the abandoned puppies were spotted before, this fearful feeling in the heart was hoping that the puppies would not be there anymore.
That someone had picked them up.
That there are still people in the world who are opposite to those despicable dilettantes who simply dump puppies in public places counting on good people to take care of them.
It was contemplated already what it would have for consequences to take those two adorable puppies to the Fuso Santek when to great relieve it was discovered they were not there anymore.

Aquamarina Trailer Park and the Fuso Santek actual precise location can be found clicking on
On that page is an option called “Google Earth” and when clicking on that icon a magical thing happens.
Fervent and loyal blog readers can see a satellite image of the Fuso Santek comfortably located next to the Sea of Cortez.


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