Saturday, September 6, 2008

The be-all and end-all.

Persons living permanently in an RV see the world through a mesh.
This is because the windows are having bug screens.
Tiny little squares that divide the reality around the RV in a matrix.

What not many permanent RV travellers know is that these squares of the bug screen are flexible.
This in a metaphorical and figurative way.
The field of squares can twist and turn so they become deformed and reshape.
This effect is the result either coming from the inside or from the outside.

A good example of the RV matrix bending and reshaping was two nights ago.
Dinner was with Ashley in the Sizzler restaurant.

Eating in a place like the Sizzler is a matrix deforming to begin with.
Sizzler is a chain of restaurants all over the USA and all of them are identical.
Same interior and the same food.
This makes one detach from knowing where one is.
Once somebody is inside a Sizzler, one is not in Wyoming, Connecticut or Oregon anymore.
But one has entered a universal reality free from any characteristic of location.
The same phenomenon exists with a chain of restaurants like McDonalds.
Because McDonalds is offering their food worldwide, the above-described effect is even stronger.
One can be in Tokyo, Mumbai or New York.
But once inside a McDonald a general universe has been entered.

Another twisting of the thousands of squares holding the reality came of information Ashley was giving.
Ashley has a dog.
By itself, this is nothing unusual.
It is a pit-bull terrier.
Not too unusual either.
Ashley uses, when walking her pit-bull, K-Mart shopping bags to clean up after her dog.
Is economic, correct, understandable and appreciated.
However, she told that twice a day she brushes the teeth of her dog.
Ashley uses special toothbrushes for dogs and mint flavoured toothpaste because she likes the smell herself.
Now, this makes the matrix twist into trapeziums.
A dog that gets his teeth brushed?
How absurd can the world get?

Last night another amazing shape formed in the matrix.
At a dinner was a woman who had two young children and two horses.
But her husband had died two years ago.
Sitting in a pick-up truck, a tree had fallen right on his car and crushed him to death.
That is a rectangle of tragedy and bad luck in the matrix.

The most interesting experience with the thousands of squares filtering reality into the mind of a permanent RV'er is early in the morning.
Very clear in the mind, peaceful in the heart, harmonious in the soul, seeing the world with the sun rising and the birds singing, with some effort it is possible to widen the squares of the grid.
Even widen them so far that everything exists in one big square only.
Reality undivided.
No waves in the screen.
No trapeziums and rectangles.

The being becoming just being.
The be-all and end-all.


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