Sunday, September 7, 2008

Infinity embedded in wholeness

Kathleen was with her sister outside the house.
When they were children in Southern California, USA.
Suddenly they saw a flying saucer coming from over the mountain hill.
A round metal object they immediately recognized as a spaceship of aliens.
The two girls screamed at each other.
Totally surprised by what they saw and also very afraid.
They saw the flying saucer moving above a lake nearby and then slowly landing.
And then sinking into the water of the lake.
By that time the father of the two young girls had come and saw the incredible event as well.

None of them ever spoke of what they had seen.
Until 35 years later the two sisters met and Kathleen asked her sister if she remembered they had been seeing a flying saucer when children.
Of course I remember, the sister replied.
But why did you never talk about it, Kathleen asked.
Because nobody would believe us, the sister said.

Kathleen told this story last night in the GMC truck on the way back from a Bluegrass Concert in Wynola, California.
While an immense sky was above speckled with billions of stars.

Next the story was told of a recent new way of thinking concerning the infinity of the universe.
We as human beings cannot imagine what is infinity.
Therefore we cannot get it in our minds how big the universe is.
We want it to have an end somewhere.
Like in the pre-medieval times when it was believed that the earth was flat.
When it was thought that if a boat would sail too long to the west, it would fall off the earth.
Nowadays we struggle with the size of the universe.
For our peace of mind, to calm our worries and need to know, we would like to be able to see the end of the universe.
A wall or a door or an abyss: in any case, something that gives it an end.
The new theory about the infinity of the universe is this:
standing here on earth, travelling in one direction, eventually we come to the same place where we started.
With the universe it is the same thing.
If we go in a direction in the universe, eventually we arrive where we started.
This goes, like on earth, no matter what direction you go.
As long as you travel in one line.

Now, in the GMC truck was also Nancy.
And she asked: what is around the journey you make in the universe?
Because you are located in something.
In the universe.
If you travel on earth in one direction consistently, this journey takes place in a space.
The same for travelling in the universe.

This is a new complication for the human thinking.
Some concept of infinity can be grasped by imagining the wholeness through consistent travel ending where it began.
But in what is that wholeness then?

The answer that was found is vague: the 4th dimension surrounds the wholeness.

By that time the friends in the GMC truck had arrived back in Ramona, California.
Where the journey had started.


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