Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hot springs and hands

In the southeast of California, USA is a place called Warner Springs.
It is an oasis in the desert with palm trees and several springs.
This used to be a holy and sacred place of the Pala Indians.
But they were chased away by the white men and the Pala Indians live now on a reservation near Temecula.
However, before the Pala Indians left their beloved holy and sacred place, they spoke out a curse.
They promised the white men that whatever they did with their springs, it would never prosper.

The white men changed Warner Springs into an exclusive club.
One could become member by becoming co-owner.
Buying oneself into the club.
And next by paying a monthly fee of currently over $ 200 a month.

Warner Springs Ranch is a luxurious place now.
It has two enormous swimming pools.
Tennis courts, sauna, horse riding, a golf court, a fitness centre, a restaurant, a Cantina, a clubhouse and many lodges to spend the night.

But the Warner Springs Ranch is losing money and has serious financial problems.
Meanwhile, the Pala Indians near Temecula, with the help of experts from Las Vegas, have opened a casino on their reservation near Temecula.
The Pechanga Casino.
The Pala Indians have made so much money with their Pechanga Casino that they offered the board of Warner Springs Ranch to sell them their holy and sacred grounds.

For the moment though, the board is negotiating with a time-share company to get them financially involved to secure the future.

Yesterday the Warner Springs Ranch was visited.
A beautiful friend is a member and was so kind to invite the pilgrim.

One of the springs has very warm sulphurous water and this goes into one of the two immense pools.
As many fervent and loyal blog readers know, sulphurous water has a smell.
Hence, when relaxing next to the pool, one gets the impression that nearby a giant is farting all the time.
But after a few hours this odour is not noticed so much anymore and the relaxation sets in.

The decision was made to have a massage after the swimming and relaxing.
This was in a separate and beautiful building were we got a warm and loving welcome.
But before to get the massage a questionnaire had to be filled in.
Name, address, phone number, e-mail, age, birth date and possible diseases.
Kindly it was asked why all this information was needed when someone just came to have a massage.
The friendly manager told that they were obliged to give the data of the client to the local Sheriff.
This was surprising information that taking a massage results in getting personal data end up with the police.

For us two masseuses were available.
A one-hour massage costing $ 90 plus tip.

One masseuse was an attractive and charismatic young woman.
The other a young woman with a gigantic belly almost 8 months pregnant.
First we had a chat and asked the pregnant woman if she felt dynamic and able enough to do a 60 minutes intensive massage.
She said she felt great and more than able.

For the first time in the life therefore, a massage was received given by a highly pregnant woman.
She was very good.
Of course sometimes heavy breathing could be heard, but the intensity and power was something her baby can be looking forwards to.


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Croft Randle said...

There is a beautiful symmetry here, The white man steals the land from the Indian, the Indian buys it back with the white man's money. I hope it happens!