Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Victorious flies

They are called Ceratopogonidae.
Or biting midges.
Better known as “No-see-ums”.

Until now near the laguna “Estero del Tomate” they have been around, but in a tolerable way.
This, for an experienced and focused traveller.

However, last night the wind changed to the east.
A whispering breeze coming from the land.
And within a short time the whole area was infested with billions of “No-see-ums”.
Most particularly inside the Fuso Szulc where the light was on.

The ceiling black of flies.
The large table covered completely with the “No-see-ums”.
Around the light billions dancing.

They also got on the body as they like the salt.
Thousands crawling on the arms, shoulders and legs.
In Egypt once upon a time they had seven plagues.
An eight one could have been an attack like at “Estero del Tomate” of “No-see-ums”.

What to do?
An insectant repellent was applied but to no avail.
Eventually it was decided to go to bed and hide under the sheet.
But with no wind it got bloody hot there.
And the “No-see-ums” got in there anyway crawling, biting and irritating.

Then this bright idea came up to use the portable ventilator.
“No-see-ums” are not good fliers and are pushed away by air streams.
The ventilator was placed at the foot-end of the bed and this worked.
At least some hours of sleep became available.

This morning inside the Fuso Szulc it is total disaster.
Dead “No-see-ums” by the thousands everywhere.
And still no wind, a high humidity of 82 % and at 8 am already 25 º C (77º F.)

Several loyal, fervent and concerned blog readers have been advising to get out of the area.
And after last night the wisdom of the advice is clearly understood.

Soon the camp will be broken down.
Everything stored.
The Fuso Szulc prepared to hit the roads again.
To become open for a brand new adventure.

The mountains.
The mountains.
The mountains.
The mountains.
The mountains.

To look for a magical place to stay and grow in the mountains…


To learn more about "no-see-ums", click on:


Ken Norton - Image 66 Media said...

Good for you!!! I'm looking forward to your new adventure!

AND new photographic opportunities!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to pictures and daily blog adventures, The mountains sound exciting and new, Robert

RonMack said...

Michael, you have made the best of a bad situation much longer than I would have! The Arkansas Architect here! I originally heard of you and became a "loyal blog reader" as a result of your "assosiation" with Tioga George! George has been in the upper elevations of Mexico much of the summer (not Baha). Maybe you could visit the Mexican Seniorita and then "head out to new adventures" in similar upper elevations. Enjoy your life! (It is too short to not do so!) I'll keep checking in with you. Your friend, RonMack