Wednesday, September 10, 2008

speeding sequences

A long time friend is Reeves Callaway who many fervent and loyal blog readers may know for his racing cars.
And the special version he makes of the Chevrolet Corvette.

Reeves lives in this amazing house in Laguna Beach, California, USA and quality time was spent there with him.

Besides reminiscing the past, now covering 29 years and many beloved ones, there were fascinating exchanges of opinions about different subjects.
About art and creativity.
And about the future.

For example, how will cars look like in 20 to 50 years from now.
Reeves Callaway, an expert in this matter, believes that eventually cars will be electrical.
And will have four engines.
Each wheel will have its own electrical motor.
Steering will change too.
The wheels will be in a fixed position: there is no steering mechanism as we have now.
Going to the left or the right is controlled by a computer that directs the wheels.
Turning left makes the wheels on the left turn backwards and the wheels on the right turn forwards.
This in total synchronisation with speed.

Another prediction is based on the surprising fact that only 20 % of the roads is actually occupied by cars.
80 % is free and open.
These amazing results are based on the space in between cars.
Even in a traffic jam, the space between cars is unused and totalling to an impressive percentage.

Reeves Callaway sees in the future cars equipped with radars that detect how close other cars and objects are.
And based on those observations control the distance to another car or object.
The driver will have nothing to do with this.
No decisions need to be made when to brake and how close one drives behind another car.
Through this system the roads can be used in a more optimal way.

These thoughts and ideas are progressive and visionary.
No wonder.
In his office, Reeves Callaway has sequences on the wall.


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