Thursday, September 25, 2008

Like an elephant.

It is not simply a matter of packing things up on one location, travel to the next and unpack.

To pack everything at “Estero del Tomate” took three hours.
To get back to the highway another three hours.
To drive to the town of Ciudad Constitucion three hours more.

For the moment cover has been found at the most favourite trailer park called “El Campestre” in Ciudad Constitucion.
Many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember a recent posting about “El Campestre” and its “Pool of death”.

Last night again this fabulous swimming pool was visited and floating on the back the palm trees were seen standing next to the pool.
Through the leaves of the palm trees some stars were shining.
And they slowly and gently moved.
Because of the floating in the water of course but it gave this sensational feeling of being one with the stars and why not with the whole universe?

A few hours north of Ciudad Constitucion is a small village called La Purisima.
This is in the mountains.
The first target on the quest to find a new location away from the ocean.

Today though will be spent in Ciudad Constitucion to have the Fuso Szulc washed and cleaned.
The expedition vehicle is full of dried up mud and sand.
Besides the layers of salt.
Better get her into the mountains as a nice and clean mobile home.

But the decision to stay one day in Ciudad Constitucion for preparations considered necessary are also fed by feelings of insecurity to go into the mountains to stay there for awhile.

Mountains are unfamiliar territory.
The country born was the Netherlands.
Where are no mountains.
It is flat like the chest of a tomboy.
And still today, buxomness is found unattractive.

First real mountains were seen on a visit to Poland at the age of 13.

The family had the tradition to spend the summers at the seaside in the Netherlands.
Other people would go to Switzerland or Austria because for Dutch people mountains were extraordinary.
But as of the age of five months, each summer was at the beach.
For over 17 years.

This must explain why later in life so often time has been spent on the beach.
It is familiar territory.

To decide now to go to the mountains for spiritual growth, peace and harmony and creative explosions, as was always happening on the beach, is like a revolution.

It is entering unknown territory.
Landing on another planet.
Being a tiger among lions.

Hence, there is excitement and fear.
Curiosity about how it will be.
What will be found.
And fear to fail or to become disappointed.

But there is no way back.
Yesterday there was new rainfall at “Estero del Tomate”.
Creating new and fresh breeding grounds for the insects.
And especially the “Noseeums” are feared.
Those tiny black flies ferociously biting to suck the blood.
They are not stopped by repellent or bug-screens and it has been learned they even carry diseases.

So, tomorrow there is nothing to do but to go into the mountains.
And it has been decided to go as an elephant.
As an elephant?
Yes, as an elephant.

Because elephants are very intelligent animals who move gently.
They are big and strong.
And they have no enemies.
Except themselves.



chockwald said...

Michael, I know how you feel, however, my comfort zone has always been the High Sierra's in California. That is where I feel most comfortable, and at peace. The cool, dry breezes, and heavy scent of pine trees carried by those breezes. Each time I arrive in the Sierra's I feel as though I have "come home". Ironically, my last name, "Hockwald", means "high forest" in German. I never tire of the view along Highway 395 in the Owens Valley of the Sierra's to the west, and the White Mountains to the east.

Ted said...

I love the mountains so much I retired in them. Check me out at I'm looking forward to your mountain adventures
Best Wishes

RonMack said...

Michael, do not fear the mountains. I was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas. What solitude and inspiration I get by "hybernating" in the mountains. A 30 minute drive from my home allows me to stay a weekend in as "rugged" territory as one could find. What a treat, protected from the winds and finding a cool clear stream to just sit by (or in) and restore the mind in preparation for another busy week. Enjoy it!
Ron Mack

Rojo said...

What a wonderful refreshing experience to spend time in the Mountains and a plus if it is surrounded by desert. A peace and serenity unsurpassed by any place on earth