Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paramagnetic paranoia

Last night a cow, a horse or possibly a donkey has stumbled in the dark near to the Fuso Szulc and knocked over the pole with the wind indicator of the Wireless Weather Station.

That is all very well and possible.
The damage will be repaired later today.
But what is scaring is that nothing was heard of the event.
It must have made major noise but how can it be that sleep was uninterrupted?

A person with a dose of paranoia in the brains may think that this time it was a horse.
Who could cause major damage unnoticed.

But what if it had been a bandito who had come to steal things?
Or an assassino with a large knife to cut the throat after getting the info where is the money?
Or an older man accompanied by two lovely SeƱoritas who come for some hot raping?
Meanwhile the occupant of the Fuso Szulc peacefully sleeping and noticing nothing.

Well, sleeping like being unconscious and all these horses, banditos and SeƱoritas doing their terrible things: should the Fuso Szulc then not be equipped with some kind of alarm system?
Or surround it with barbed wire, watchtowers and searchlights with movement detectors?
Hire some former Nazi concentration camp specialists and Abu Grabi guards to keep order around the Fuso Szulc?

Paranoia is a disease that immobilizes people.
It makes them so afraid that they have no more initiatives.
While the paranoia is in the head only and of the own imagination.
Fed by the information one wants to get and focus on.

There are plenty of Norte Americanos who have decided not to travel to Mexico anymore.
Because what they have learned from their news sources.
Coming to the conclusion that going to Mexico is equal to facing a certain death.

It is true that the USA-news media rarely publish anything about Mexico that is good news.
Most of the time the news published is negative distorting completely the situation in Mexico as it really is.

Most recently was the news of an incident that happened on Mexican Independence day September 16.
In every Mexican town people gather that evening on the town square to hear “El Grito”.
The local Governor will speak out the speech of Independence and the crowd replies with “Viva Mexico, viva Mexico”.

In the town of Morelos this went badly wrong.
Some crazy person threw a hand grenade into the crowd.
Several death and many wounded.

At the very same time the Independence Day celebration was shared with good friends and a huge crowd in La Paz, Baja California.
It was all very colourful and peaceful.
Like in most Mexican towns.
But that is not news.

However, there was a scary moment in La Paz.
The celebration ended with fireworks.
But the rockets were launched just next to the crowd exploding right above our heads.
It was like being under fire.
Big bangs right above, hurting the ears.
It was like war.
The crowd came close to panicking when still burning parts of the fireworks started to rain down.
Right on top of the people who had nowhere to go.
One could only hope not to get burned and parents were protecting their kids by covering them with their bodies.

It was bad planning of the organizers but fortunately, as far as could be observed, nobody got hurt.

Those things happen.
Donkeys knocking down weather station installations, burning paper raining on crowds and old ladies stealing Nivea cream in “Soriana” supermarket.

Are those reasons to not go and stay in Mexico and to remain in the USA?
Will it be safer there?


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