Saturday, September 27, 2008

A swimming pool in the trumpet

Mmmm, going to the mountains, eh?
And why then still next to the “Pool of Death” in Ciudad Constitucion?
Why not near La Purisima, the mountain village, next to a small river and having a gorgeous view?

The explanation is that the Datastorm Satellite System broke down.
Access to the internet had become impossible.
No more connection could be made to the SatMex 5 satellite.

In the past, this kind of situation with the Datastorm Satellite System has been leading to panic.
But because it has been happening so often, erratic as the System is, a rather unemotional step by step recovery process was performed.

Step one was to go and pick up the laundry.

Step two to go to a local coffee shop in Ciudad Constitucion known for its good coffee, delicious cakes and free Internet service.
There the posting of today was published and urgent e-mails handled.

Next, with the help of SKYPE, Paul Angerami of the company Satellite Advantage in Quartzsite, USA was called.
The situation was explained to him and he immediately knew what was the matter.
The frequency of the SatMex 5 satellite had been changed.
They do this without informing anybody.
Next, all people connecting to the SatMex 5 have a problem.
Because the settings of their modems do not correspond anymore with the newly required frequency number.

The other thing was that the Receiver and Transmitter polarizations had to be changed from horizontal to vertical.

How can an average user of a Datastorm Satellite System know these things?
By receiving an e-mail some time before the changes with exact information and what to do from customer service of Datastorm.
But somewhere somehow someone doesn’t give a damn and the next thing that happens is that suddenly a Datastorm-customer is cut off and distributors like Satellite Advantage get phone calls and need to spend time to get everybody back on track.

All in all, it took over 3 hours to fix the thing.
Talking to Paul Angerami in the Internet Café, trying it out in the Fuso Szulc and getting back to him with the results to evaluate and masterplan the next step.

It is working now.
More or less.
But bravo Paul!

One of the things that has been learned from the Fuso Szulc is that it is essential to get service after buying.
Some are good in this.
Some not.
Satellite Advantage is top.
You can call him, this Paul Angerami.
He is there and rescues you.

Same for Heliotrope and their solar energy controllers.
Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi trucks in San Diego: same league.
Fantastic in giving service as well.

Are there companies failing in giving service the customer deserves?
Unfortunately there are.
The company National Seating.
That supplied the seats for the Fuso Szulc.
Expensive, bad quality and worst customer service.
The solar fan from Valterra to have your RV-fridge work more efficiently.
Produced by a Taiwanese company and breaking down within 3 months.
You spend over $ 50 and you are better off donating this money to the Red Cross.

Once back on the Internet, a “Matamosca” had to be found in Ciudad Constitucion.
This is to kill flies.
In an ecological friendly way.
This is by hand.
Swinging a specially designed fly killer.

The one available in the Fuso Szulc is broken and its success rate has become minimal.
True, vigor played a role there.

First a young Mexican lady was asked where this fly killer could be found.

This initiated a search, resulting in visiting about 5 shops who all were only selling spray cans to kill flies.
It seems that nowadays people spray their rooms with a vaporized chemical to get rid of flies.
The idea to spray chemicals to kill flies inside the Fuso Szulc is the most total impossibility imaginable.
Never ever.

Once the troubles with the Datastorm were solved and the inquiry about a fly killer finished, it was late in the afternoon.
Too late to head for the mountains that are many hours away.
Nothing to do but to return to “El Campestre” with its peaceful nights and its large swimming pool.

Where a trumpet was found blowing in the water.


To learn more about Paul Angerami and his company called Satellite Advantage, go to

To learn more about the company that supplied the Fuso Szulc truck seats, click on:

To learn more about the fridge fan, click on:


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