Monday, September 15, 2008

Grapple with apple 1

Maybe most fervent and loyal blog readers do remember clearly how an emergency situation arose concerning the MacBook Pro computer a few weeks ago.

The situation room was located at the Rancho Punta Boca del Salado of the Gonzales family where the always-busy photographer and his beautiful Mexican Señorita had been travelling to in order to offer the photo books made of the different family members over a period of 28 years.

Exactly at that time the tropical depression Juan hit Baja California and Punta Boca del Salado as well.
High winds and intense rainfalls were the local result.
The Mexican Señorita and her driver managed to get out before roads were washed away although at one point they hit a situation where no car could pass anymore.
A swollen river.
But the Fuso Szulc was put in the 4x4 mode and the crew in a mode of ultimate determination.
To the astonishment of people in ordinary cars that needed to wait for days for the water to recede, the Fuso Szulc crossed the river like Genghis Khan conquered his empire.

But the tropical depression Juan had put heavy rainfall inside the Fuso Szulc before the inhabitants were back from the ceremony with the Gonzales family.
Through the open roof vents and the large windows rain had come in.
And this rain had touched the Apple MacBook Pro.
The beloved lap top computer faltered to function after the storm.
When switched on, a matrix of pink square blocks appeared on the screen and nothing else would happen.

Not to have a computer and not to have access to the Internet makes a modern photographer a fatal farce.
It is like not existing anymore.
No more e-mails to receive and send.
No more Skype communications to make.
No more Internet banking available.
No more instant news accessible.

Hence, immediately a new Apple laptop was purchased after it became clear that the MacBook Pro could not be fixed in Mexico.

The new darling is a MacBook.
Smaller and slower than the MacBook Pro but with an excellent screen and able to do all the tricks an Apple laptop does twice its price.

Meanwhile the trip to the USA has been made and one of the destinations was a visit to an Apple store where they could repair the failing MacBook Pro.
Fervent and loyal blog readers in possession of an Apple computer, do not have illusions.
If it breaks down, because of a Mexican tropical depression or anyhow, repairing it through an Apple store takes weeks.
You are going to be without her for a long time…

But a magical thing happened.
An Apple store was entered and a sales-person was met in a wheel chair.
He was explained that the computer didn’t work anymore because of a Mexican storm.
Well, fire her up, he instructed.
The MacBook Po was switched on and to uttermost amazement, and partly shame, the bloody machine started and showed no problems whatsoever.

This was exactly as the Mexican Señorita had predicted.
She once had a mobile phone that fell into the water.
She had it in the warm sunshine for some time.
And next, it worked like it never saw moisture.
Inside it had dried up.

It seems the same thing happened to the MacBook Pro.
It works as if never a storm dumped water on her.

So far the news is fantastic.

But lets get deeper into the situation of having two Apple computers.

For several weeks the slower MacBook was used.
Because the faster MacBook Pro is the best, a switch back to using that mean machine was planned.

Before to make the switch however, the MacBook Pro needs to be synchronized with the MacBook.
Because the slower one has been receiving e-mails, sending e-mails, getting new entries in the agenda and new entries in the address book.

In one of the next postings, it will be explained what happens when someone wants to synchronize two Apple computers.


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