Thursday, September 4, 2008

Washing brains in sewage water

The work to be done to get the Fuso Szulc in perfect shape takes another day.
An opportunity to spend more time with friends Dan and Nancy in their beautiful house, in Ramona, California, USA enjoying the incredible view and the conversations.
A bedroom with a most comfortable bed and a bathroom with plenty of warm water and fresh towels.
A planet away from life in the Fuso Szulc.

Another day in California is also an opportunity to see on a home theatre TV the speeches of the Republican Convention and the commentaries.
The audience in the Convention hall cheering and applauding by anything the politician says.
And the politician speaks in slogans and platitudes.
Telling nothing new or visionary.
A demonstration of superficiality and brute manipulation.
A washing of the brains with sewage water.
The beautiful country of the United States and its wonderful people sinking into an intellectual and political simplicity announcing the fall and evaporation of an empire.

Another day offering the opportunity to be invited in the house of friends Sandy and Denny for a beautiful dinner.
Elegantly with Zinfandel and surprisingly the toasting of the glasses was not accompanied with a wishing of "cheers", but loudly it sounded "OBAMA".
Among Democrats therefore not being very sure of eventual victory.
Because it is amazing that the Republicans after 8 years of having destructively and deplorably ruled the country and the world present themselves in a way that appeals to over 45 % of the American electorate.
The Republican politicians are the master manipulators and maybe enough people are dumb enough, massaged into stupidity by TV commercials and Hollywood films, to give their vote to obtain more disaster.
It is this major crossroads for the USA approaching.
Can enough people be conscious enough to see the difference between more of the same or fundamental changes dearly needed?
The friends at the dinner don't know yet and are feeling insecure about it.

The Fuso Szulc was to get Bilstein shock absorbers.
Much better than the standard Mitsubishi factory shock absorbers.
The Bilsteins improve the ride, the safety and help the spring leaves more powerfully to carry the +14.000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

The only thing is, how to find and get the Bilstein shocks.
They come in different sizes and shapes.
Bilstein suppliers have catalogues with many car brands so they can see what car needs what kind of shocks.
But a Mitsubishi Fuso FG is not in the catalogue.
It is a rare truck.
Not many are imported and driving around in the USA.
Fortunately, Bilstein, a German company, has a big office in San Diego and they should be able to help out.
Unfortunately, they are not of any help at all.
It seems they are not interested to give service and make any effort to assist a customer.
This is the experience of Ron Lucero, the service manger of Kearny Mesa Truck Centre in San Diego where the Fuso Szulc is being serviced.
He has been on the phone with Bilstein reps many times to find out which Bilsteins will fit a Fuso FG, but they were not prepared to help him.

When it therefore seemed an impossibility to equip the Fuso Szulc with the best shock absorbers, Ron Lucero got a genial idea.
He knew that world traveller Douglas Hackney, also using a Fuso FG expedition vehicle and currently in South America, had Bilsteins installed.
Ron took his chance and sent an e-mail to Doug asking to get under his truck to look what part number was on his shocks.
Doug travels to remote areas and is now in Bolivia.
He is in touch with the world only when he finds an Internet café.
Magically, the moment Ron sent Doug an e-mail, he happened to be in an Internet café somewhere in Bolivia, South America.
Doug got under his truck and sent the parts number after which for Ron it was a piece of cake to get the appropriate Bilstein shocks.
Goes to show that the combination of intelligence, good ideas and persistence results in fantastic achievements.
Bravo Ron Lucero.

Today the Fuso Szulc should be ready.
Serviced with fresh new oil and filters.
And equipped with new Bilstein shock absorbers and a new and enforced set of leaf springs.
The return trip to Estero del Tomate in Baja California, Mexico starts therefore tomorrow.



chockwald said...

Michael...I appreciate your willingness to express your opinion on our political system, and what you, and your lovely Romona hosts believe is needed for our wonderful country. On the one hand we have, again, 2 lawyers, who trot out the same liberal solutions we have been hearing since the Jimmy Carter days, but they are presented as "real change you can believe in". Senator Obama is rated as the most left senator, and Senator Biden is listed as the 3rd most left senator. These two men, if it is possible, are to the left of George McGovern who, up until now, was the most left senator to ever run for President (1972). No one this far left of center has ever successfully run for President. It is precisely why President Clinton won two terms as President...he was a centrist. We hear the Democrat mantra "John McCain is running for the 3rd term of George Bush". Well, there are many now beginning to say that Senator Obama is running for 2nd term of Jimmy Carter, and we know what a horrible President he became, witnessed by his catestrosphic loss to Ronald Reagan who won 91% of the electoral votes in 1980. A total repudiation by the American people of a failed Presidency.

These, of course, are election year sound bites. Ultimately this election will be decided by those who inhabit Middle America....those who live in small towns, like Sarah Palen. It, thankfully, will be decided by the elites who live in San Francisco, or Manhattan. The elite do not understand Middle America, and like yourself, believe they must be stupid to like George Bush, or John McCain. It is that cognitive dissonance on the left that will, again, cost them this Presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Excellant! (And thanks to the dealer who took that extra step! And thanks to the customer who crawled under and responded!)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your need to tear down the American political process. Your only kinship to America is that you registered your RV in Idaho, so that you could avoid paying California sales taxes. I think you might be happier living in a European country where there are no problems. Of course, you much prefer living in Mexico where you can freeload off the peasants.

what say you?

Anonymous said...

What are the Bilstein part numbers?

John Davis said...

Just read your blog and can't help but wonder, why if the U.S. is so bad you come here, how familiar you really are with America, our actual history. A million of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles died in WWII so you would have the freedom to come here, and though not a citizen of our country, denigrate our choice of candidates. Perhaps we should have stayed home and let Europe, and the world, be divvied up by Germany, Japan. Too bad you father didn't whine like you, stay home America, we don't need America. I could then have met relatives I have only heard about and see in photographs.

No nation is perfect, no man is perfect. You may not like our choice of candidates for President, you don't have to, you are not an American. If you want to have a voice in our future, become a citizen of our nation, not a whiner on the sidelines. Actually invest of yourself, prove you can make a commitment longer than 30 minutes a day blogging. But you aren't about commitment, you aren't about sacrifice, it would cramp your style, wouldn't it?

Or head your truck to an Iran, denigrate their President, enjoy their hospitality. You seem to perceive them as a peaceful, loving nation, welcoming all with open arms, shouldn't be a problem, should it?