Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Choking on a pill

The Fuso Szulc arrived at Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi Truck Centre in San Diego in the caring hands of manager Ron Lucero.

Major reason for the visit is the 15.000 miles service.
This implies changing oils and checking a list of aspects of the Fuso Szulc.
Like the braking pads and tightening all U bolts.

But the issue of the truck sagging seriously to one side was also a major topic.
First the sagging was carefully measured.
Next, the Fuso Szulc was brought to scales and different ways of weighing the vehicle were performed by Victor, the experienced mechanic of Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi Truck Centre.
The total weigth.
The front axle.
The back axle.
And the weigth on each wheel.
The results explained that on the driver’s side front wheel, about 600 pounds more weight is resting compared to the passengers side front wheel.
Obviously the sagging was a result of this.
The springs on the drivers side had worn out.

Ron Lucero got on the phone to talk with a Mitsubishi person responsible for the guarantee of the trucks.
The conclusion was that the springs were going to be replaced and one or more extra from the old ones would be added.
To make the drivers side more strong.

This was a most appreciated development as originally it was planned to go to a company in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, to have this job done.

Next issue was the installation of Bilstein shocks.
Some of the best there are.
To make the ride more smooth and to relieve the springs.
However, a representative of Bilstein to who Ron Lucero spoke to explained that there are no Bilsteins that will fit a Fuso FG.

A set of Monomax shock absorbers were brought in.
The supplier offered that these shock absorbers could be installed at his costs and if they were not satisfactory, they could be returned.
On the box of these Monomax shock absorbers was mentioned that they were for SUV-s and light trucks.
The Fuso Szulc with its 14.000 pounds gvw would be way too heavy for these Monomax shock absorbers.
Now Koni shock absorbers are looked at and if they are available for a Fuso FG they will be installed.

The job on the Fuso Szulc was going to take two days.
Hence, the night was spent enjoying the hospitality of Dan and Nancy from Ramona.
They not only have a beautiful house on top of a hill with a magisterial view, but they are also the proud owners of a Mitsubishi Fuso FM 4x4 on which Darrin Fink has built a camper box.
Of course a long visit was made to this Fuso FM expedition vehicle and reflections made on Darrin Finks work.

Meanwhile a bomb has exploded that has left the brave photographer in a state of shell shock.
The book publisher from Paris, France, with who for over three years preparations had been made to publish next year the photo book “The most beautiful people in the world” has given up on this project.
There will be no book unless somehow another publisher can be found.
But there is no ambition now to get into that dreadful and complicated procedure.
So, maybe that was it with the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
That the most that was possible has been achieved.
That a photobook of the project is not an option because of barren economic times and lack of having the right contacts.
This is a hard pill to swallow.
And it is still stuck in the throat.



Anonymous said...

it will happen. don't give up. karma sutra, my book, also had its ups and downs. editors who couldn't write five lines with creativity looked away. but now, after it is out, publishers want it in different languages and in every country. so never give up. the clouds always clear up. cheers..rajendar menen at

Anonymous said...

If possible please post photos of Dan & Nancy's Fuso & box. Additionally, I sincerely hope that a new publisher is found for "The most beautiful people in the world". Best regards, Chris, VA

Anonymous said...

Michael, I'm so sorry about the news of the book, I've been following you quite a while and know how hard you have been working to make the project a success. Hope something will happen to change the situation for the better. On a better note it sounds like the Fuso/Szulc will be better than new when you head back to Mexico. Safe Travels Steve